Watercolour Blush

I could not hold myself any longer and had to get my hands on at least one of the Daniel Sandler’s Watercolour blushes. So one day I placed and order online and jumped up and high when my parcel has arrived. Upon opening the box the first thought was “oh, it’s a bit tiny…” That got me worried that my splurge will be very quickly used up, I mean no one wants to think about finishing the product before even trying it out… Right? Luckily, what I found when putting it on my cheeks is how little you need it on. After shaking it so that the pigment would mix with the water fluid I seriously only needed one to two dots on my fingers to make a nice flush. Yes, just tiny dots – nothing thick. It goes on the skin so easily and nicely and you don’t need any brushes to blend it out, fingers can do just as a good job if not even a better one. Because it’s not a cream product it doesn’t drag my foundation around (for a girl with a problematic skin that is a very massive thing). It’s so light that you don’t feel it at all and it looks very very natural.

The colour I’ve got is Cherub which is an amazing light pinky colour and very good one to be introduced to the line for the first time (warning: might look stronger pink before blending, but it really is not).

I need to use it a bit longer before I can say if I need to proclaim my love to it but if you like using cream blushes than this formula is even better. Way better! I now would like to pick up another colour as having one is not enough, obviously. Would anyone have any suggestions, any other colour that is great? Let me know cause I would really like to know.

Winter in a Dream

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