Miss Manga Mascara

Mascara is a very private ‘thang’ for every girl and the search for the right one never stops. I like my mascaras to be as black as possible and pretty volumising. I don’t have any preferences for the brushes per say, as long as they give me the effect that I am looking for and don’t stab my eyes then that’s great.

L’oreal Miss Manga mascara has already been discussed on many blogs and a lot of focus has been given to the bendy brush. Now I think that the brush is actually the last selling point of the mascara. First thing first, no one ever puts so much pressure on their lashes that they would really see and feel the brush bending in some direction. So then why talk about the brush so much, especially about how it moves around? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not ditching the brush at all, the shape of it is very nice but I just think the whole 360 degrees movement is a bit of a gimmick.

But it’s the formula that wins for me. The mascara is not too wet but also not too dry therefore there is no fall out and no ‘panda eyes’. It applies easily and makes my lashes stand out! I actually do think there’s a little link with manga eyes as it makes your lashes so black and strong.  Coming to the back to the brush and forgetting the flexibility of it the shape of it is good as it slims down at the end making it possible to cover inner corner lashes.

Overall it is currently my favourite mascara and I do suggest anyone to try it. I am also thinking that I would like to get the purple Miss Manga mascara so that I could express my inner anime girl.

Have you guys tried this one already? Are there any other mascaras that are similar or better? Shout them out to me cause trying out new mascaras are always an exiting thing.

Winter In a Dream

3 thoughts on “Miss Manga Mascara

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