One out, one in #1


One in, one out… Is the concept I try to go by and at which I normally miserably fail.  Use one product up and replace it with another one whilst trying not to buy three similar things as well.

This time I finished using La Roche Posay Physiological cleansing gel and have replaced it with Cetaphil cleanser. I really enjoyed using the Physiological gel and I feel like my skin quite liked it too. Not only that it is made for sensitive skin but also works well for combination skin. It felt quite cooling and non greasy which is what you want when you have rosacea with combination skin. Maybe one day I will get it again but this time I did replace it with something else as it’s always interesting to try something new.  The new thing in my bathroom stash is Cetaphil. I got it from the chemist as I’ve heard a lot about it how it is prescribed by doctors for people that have bad skin problems. I really looked forward on trying it out with the hope that it might make big difference to my skin but I must say… I don’t really like it. Not sure why but I’m not a massive fan of the texture. It feels a little bit gritty though I can’t see why it would and actually does feel like it would suit more of the dry skin peeps than combination ones.

One in, one out… And another one to help me go through the one I don’t really like.

What do you guys do? Do you try to finish a product before buying another one or do you buy few in one go?

Winter in a Dream

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