Orange is the new Black

Orange is the new trend colour this summer and if you have seen Liza Eldridge post (here) about orange lips you will know what I am talking about. I never thought of trying orange out at all but after Liza’s post I started spotting orange here and there and thus came upon few bits that make the orange trend work for me.

First and foremost is the nail polish in Orange Punch by Maybelline. These super stay 7 days nail polishes are such a good quality and they hold so well just like their name says. The brush is wide so application is super easy and straightforward. Orange Punch is such a beautiful fun summery colour. It is perfect to wear it at the moment and I am just in love with it.

Ok, so the second thing, Exotic Shine Lipstick in Opulent Colour, is a bit of a cheat as it’s not a true orange but it work so wonderfully with the Colorsensation shine gloss in Glorious Orange that the two combined make the most perfect orange-y lips. It’s not a full on orange but a definite wash of orange. If you are a girl who want to pull of orange but is afraid of strong colours then this combo is for you.

I love how these products work together and how they allow to have a fresh summer look. It’s something different and fun.

What do you think about orange trend? Have you been inspired by Liza Eldridge too?

Winter in a Dream



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