Goodies from a French Pharmacy

I must begin by stating that this is quite an overdue post and should have been up a while ago. And it would have been if not for my laziness and inability to pick up the camera to take some pictures. But alas we are here…

A few weeks ago I went to celebrate my Mans birthday in France and no trip to France is valid if you do not pop into their pharmacy. I did not buy too many things but I probably could have if I wasn’t being chaperoned by a shop assistant constantly therefore making me feel a wee bit uncomfortable. (Don’t tell me that I am the only one who likes to be left alone when shopping?)

The first thing I grabbed, which probably everyone would do, was Bioderma micellar water. The great thing about buying French skincare items in France is that you can get some great deals. In this case I was able to take two bottles of Bioderma for a much cheaper price than it would be buying two of them separately. I know that now it is much easier to get Bioderma here in UK than it used to be but nothing compares to being able to go into a shop, pick up an item from a shelf and take it home. I really like this miscellar water and so far it is the best one I have ever tried.

La Roche-Posay goods were next in my list. I’ve heard quite a bit about Serozinc toner which you can’t get here at the moment (*sob emoji*) so I thought I should definitely take advantage of me being in France and therefore I bought two bottles. This toner is targeted for oily problematic skin and as we are currently in summer I thought it might be quite a good one to try. I haven’t started using them yet but this evening might see the first go. (If you would like to know how I get on with it please let me know and I might do a separate post.) I also picked up a pack of two lip balms from La Roche-Posay from their Nutritic range. Never tried them before but you can’t go too wrong with a lip balm, can you?

Whilst there I saw that they sell massive bottles of water mists, they even have giant bottles of Evian spritzes for only a few euros! Ah, I wish we could have them here too. With that wish I ended up getting myself a small (but not too small) bottle of Caudalie grape water. This water is made for sensitive skin and I think there is nothing better than to use it when you’re hot and you need some nice refreshment on your face.

The last but of course not least I have got myself the cult classic Embryolisse Lait-Creme concentrate. The moisturizer that I’ve seen Lisa Eldridge talking about many times. It was a must have and again I am yet to try it. I do hope that it’s not too heavy and will work well with my combination skin. I will be devastated if it’s not that great as I hope it is.

And there you have it – my not so long French pharmacy haul. What would you get if you could shop in a French pharmacy?

Winter in a Dream




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