In search for the perfect Nude

Every girl is searching for that perfect nude lip colour that works with any look and enhances their lips just that bit more. I am still on the path of finding one and here is a collection that I have acquired so far.

First up something from L’oreal  which I believe has been discontinued. (Don’t shoot me if I’m wrong cause I totally could be on this point). Caresse Nude Ingenue has been my first lipstick-ish buy and the first step into the land of Nude. It’s a very share brown colour. I found that though I could get away with the shade the actual formula was a bit too share for my liking and I just have not wore it that much. Because of that and the fact that I had it for quite a while I have binned this product after I have taken the picture deciding that it was time for it to go.

The second lipstick is a re-discovery for me since all that Kylie Jenner trend that’s been happening. I was looking at my collection trying to figure out if I have a dupe for what Kylie wears or to all other things that I have seen in tutorials of her makeup. And this is where I have re-found Soap & Glory Naked Beige lipstick. It’s a dusky pink brown lipstick which falls into the Kylie’s trend perfectly. I don’t think you need to spend your money trying to get the exact thing that Kylie wears when you can find Naked Beige in your local Boots. Though this is not my perfect nude at all but it’s bang on trend right now and I am very happy to wear it. Oh, and by the way, the lipstick smells amazingly just as other Soap & Glory products. Is it wrong to say that I could probably sit and smell it out of the bullet for a long time?

Then comes something that has been inspired by the blogging world. I bought Maybelline’s Tantalizing Taupe from the CoulorSensational line after hearing a lot of good reports on it. I was very excited by it but must say that I do regret getting it and it’s only because of the colour. I think it’s a bit too lite for me and when I put it on it washes me out. I look like I have bad foundation on or just dead persons lips. The formula of the lipstick is great and it can work very well on other people but just not me. I’m still keeping it in my stash with the hope that I will find a way to make it work but I have a feeling that I should just give up and give it away to someone else. Same with the other Maybelline product in my photo which I bought and never wore it. I don’t have it with me anymore as I got rid of it when I was clearing out my things too so I can’t remember what exact colour/name it was. But this too just washed me out in a pretty bad way.

Gosh Nude velvet touch lipstick is one I am still trying to adopt on myself. It’s a bit darker pinky nude than the Tantalizing Taupe but not as dark or as brown like S&G Naked Beige. It’s a very nice formula lipstick and the purchase was totally inspired by Barbara from ThePersianbabe. Again, I’m afraid that it could be too lite for me but I have not come to any rushed decisions yet. Watch this space for any updates as I’m putting all efforts to make it work.

And then I have a nude crayon lipstick from Rimmel called Drive Me Nude, that is if internet search is not lying about it’s name. I just swatched it on my hand and it looks very similar to Tantalizing Taupe but it’s just a little bit darker (more pinky-er) and when I say a little bit I mean a very little bit. I find the formula of this “stick” does cling to my dry patches on the lisp and just doesn’t sit that great on me. Again, I’m still trying to see if I’m doing something wrong and there is another way to use it cause I don’t want to waist it.

You can see that I get taken over by light pinky nudes quite a bit but a lot of them just do not work for me. Sometimes I think that maybe I should just leave the road of nudes and admit that pinks in general looks better for me (not nude pinks) but at the same time I refuse to give up. One day I might stumble onto that perfect nude, you never know…

What do you think, have you found your perfect nude or are you still in search for it? Have you done what I have done and invested your money in bunch of nudes that don’t work for you?

Winter in a Dream



3 thoughts on “In search for the perfect Nude

  1. I really like nude colors and i think they look better on me compared to a gorg red color. It would mean the world if you’d check mine out too. I blog about beauty, fashion and lifestyle and I think/hope you’ll like it. I recently posted facemask review, babylips collection etc. It would also mean alot if you’d follow me it’s ok if you on’t want to! You have a lovely blog!

    xxx hatice

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