Two great eye makeup removers

Most of the time I prefer to take my eye makeup first with eye makeup removers before going with all other “removing” / “cleansing” routine. Though my eyes are not that sensitive I believe that it’s a delicate area that should be treated as one and therefore I try to choose products that are not meant to be harsh in any possible way.

These two removers are pretty good and suitable for even the most sensitive eyes. The bliss lid + lash wash makeup remover is very good at removing eye shadows. Like, really good! You just need to apply it with a cotton pad and hold it on your eye lid. There is no need to rub your eyes and in 30 seconds everything is removed. I would say that it’s not the best at removing mascara though and if you are a girl who uses waterproof mascara I suggest to find something else. But if you are a girl who wears heavy smoky eyes than definitely give this a try. (I’ve got mine from in case you were wondering) The Klorane Floral Lotion eye makeup remover is currently one of my favourite of all that I have tried so far. It removes the eye make up quickly and dissolves mascara very easily without leaving any sticky residues. I can’t explain too well but it just feels and works wonderfully. I think I will be repurchasing this one after I run out the one I’ve got without any doubts.

Do you use eye makeup removers? Could you suggest any that work well and are designed for sensitive skin?

Winter in a Dream

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