Three High End Lipsticks


Does anyone remember that for one day and one day only Debenhams had a discount for all lipsticks this summer? I believe it was the official lipstick day (am I the only one that finds that funny?) and to celebrate it you could get any high-end lipstick for a cheaper price in Debenhams. Now I was the one who could not refuse that chance and I jumped on the internet to place my order. I am not one to hurry and invest my money into expensive lip products as I don’t believe that’s where you should splurge out and I can definitely find a lot of nice stuff in Boots & Superdrug for a very affordable price which does not make me cringe when I hand over my card to pay for them.

But.. I was very tempted and I got three lip products each around £10 mark. That’s still pricey for my liking but it’s way cheaper than what they normally are.

I went for two Mac lipsticks; you might know that Mac never do any discounts so this was a really rare opportunity to get. Creme Cup was my choice for the nude option. If you have read one of my previous posts (here) then you know that I’m searching for my perfect nude colour. I’m hoping that this could be the one as it seems that Creme Cup has been the choice of lot of other bloggers and youtubers. I haven’t warn it yet for I am scared that I might find out that it does not suit me but once I have a chance I will report back (as a matter of fact I am still yet to try all the three lippies – sorry!)

For the daring one I opted for Lady Danger the famous orange-y red. I have only recently started branching out to more bold colours (cause life is too short to be always scared and boring). Can’t wait to find an evening when I can put it on my lips!

The last lipstick I have ordered was the latest release from Urban Decay. I’ve heard that their Revolution Lipstick formula is very nice and sits well on the lips whilst nourishing and providing a good colour pay off. My eyes were caught by Turn On the not too bright or too dusky pink. I think pinks suite me best most of the times so I reckon this lipstick will not go to waist.

I’m currently telling myself to start using them as it’s a bit of a nonsense to just stare at them but it seems that’s what happens when you get yourself items that have bigger value than what you’re used to having. One day!

Have you recently got any lipsticks from any high end brands? Do you also avoid using them when you actually should? Let me know cause I’m curious.

Winter in a Dream

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