From Summer to Autumn with nail polish

I’m a girl who does not like nails. Now that’s a weird statement. But really, I don’t like nails, if I would have to take all human body parts and list the most un-favourite ones then that would be nails. And it could sound strange when you could find my forever having my nails painted. The fact is that I like to hide them under colour. When nails are coloured then I do not see them when I look at my hands, I see colour. Life is much more interesting with colour, isn’t it? So here are two colours that have hidden my nails.

First up is Gelly High-Shine nail polish in Huckleberry by Barry M. It’s a very pale baby blue colour which you probably could even call an off-white blue. I found that this particular colour doesn’t wear for long and chips a bit easier than the other polishes from the same range but it’s such perfect summer colour. Though the summer has left us I think it can still transition us to autumn but if you like wearing pastels come spring/summer then definitely pick this one in a few months.

The other colour which works perfectly for this time of the year is Gelly High-Shine nail polish in Elderberry. It’s a grey blue colour that to me leans more to grey than green. I think it’s perfect colour that fits with the grey surroundings that we have here in London. If you are looking for a new autumn colour but you don’t want to wear anything black then that’s the one to go for.

Have you got any recommendation for autumn nail polish? Did you try any of these two nail polishes already?

Winter in a Dream

2 thoughts on “From Summer to Autumn with nail polish

  1. I like these colors! Typically, I like to wear deep reds and purples but also some pale pinks in fall. Also throwing in an emerald or a navy is nice this time of year. Thanks for sharing!

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