Trying Contouring with theBalm

As every other girl at the moment I too have been trying to learn how to define cheekbones or in my case to “make them up” cause in all honesty they don’t exist on my face. When I started looking into all possible ways of contouring I realised that I wanted to start with very simple steps and I thought that powders would be better than cream products. All the bronzers that I had could not be used due to the fact that they were too warm in colour hence I needed to get something new.

One day when browsing I saw that theBalm had a powder product for contouring in the name Bahama Mama and I thought to give it a go. As it’s a powder I find it quite easy to use and if I apply it very lightly I think I get quite a nice contour especially as I am a newbie who can’t do anything properly. I also like the colour of it as it’s slightly ashy but not too much to come out muddy on my face (though again you have to not put too much of it on your face). I think it’s a great product to start of and venture into contouring world.

So if you want to start defining your cheekbones give Bahama Mama a try as it’s a very easy product to use. However, if you guys have something else that works very well do let me know as I’m keen to try something else as well.

Oh, and as a side note I have noticed that Superdrug started selling theBalm on their site which is super exciting. I wonder if we will see their products in the shops too, I hope so. You can get theBalm and use 3 for 2 offer that Superdrug is currently running so if you have never tried anything from the brand before you have a great chance to do it. I am very tempted myself.

Winter In a Dream

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