New foundation and applicator

I have been trying to find cheap & affordable foundations for myself since I started wearing them. I am yet to share with you my most favourite one but today I wanted to talk about a foundation duo which I have been using in the past recent days.

Revlon Colourstay 24h Foundation for Oily/Combination skin got purchased on one of those Boots trips where you were meant to buy one thing and walked out with everything else but the thing you originally was settled to buy. I’ve heard a few people on Youtube mentioning it here and there as well as I saw quite a lot of it on Instagram when London Fashion week was on. So I grabbed it thinking that it was time to give it a go.

The first time I’ve tried this foundation I applied it with a normal buffing brush. My first try left me feeling like I have wasted my money and that I should have stuck with the foundations I knew worked for me better. Though I have an oily t-zone I don’t want to have a very thick foundation on, you know the ones where you can tell that you’ve really been going for a heavy duty thing on your face? Well that is what I go with this one. I do have a lot to cover up (rosacea for one) but I don’t want to feel the foundation sitting on my skin or looking quite thick. I think that for girls with problematic skin it’s very important to try and look as natural as possible because we already have to put so much more on to cover up.

One day I remembered that I have Real Techniques Miracle Sponge (the so called Beauty Blender dupe) in my stash which I have forgotten about. My favourite base can’t be applied with it so I though I will give it a go and use it with the Revlon Colourstay foundation. In my head it was the last chance for foundation and maybe even the sponge.

Oh and behold! I was stunned by what these two achieved for me. The Real Techniques Sponge does share out foundations but with the thick ones such as the Revlon one is it provides the most amazing coverage. The sponge has to be damp so using it for application especially in the morning is very refreshing, you don’t feel the foundation but it gets blended seamlessly. The foundation itself provides really good coverage but it no longer looks heavy on the face and looks very natural. It really looks like your skin, you no longer see any powderness on your face, any streaks where it failed to blend out and you look like you just glow from within. (A very good glow for an oily girl.)

The foundation I’ve got is in colour Medium Beige which I wish would be a bit more on a yellow side. (It’s not pink in undertone but I do feel like it’s not yellow enough at least for me). However, teamed with the sponge it does work very nicely and I no longer think about getting rid of it. I found a perfect team where both products compliment each other.

Have you guys tried any of them? Would you have any suggestions on which foundations to try next? Would you try the combo?

Winter in a Dream

9 thoughts on “New foundation and applicator

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  2. I also have the RT sponge and it works wonders! It gives a much more natural look than the normal brushes. Did you need to blot or to touch up during the day with this foundation? I have oily skin and I am always struggling to find a good drugstore foundation!

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