Favourite Foundation: Bourjois CC Cream

Please welcome one of my most favourite foundations. This is one of two foundations that I love, trust and reach for mostly.

Bourjois 123 CC Cream has come into my life six months ago. The first time I bought it I actually got it in a colour which was way too dark for my skin. (I do struggle with matching myself to foundations. Quite a bit actually…) But a few months ago I have decided to get the CC cream again in what I think is the lightest shade 32. And oh my I was happy! Bourjois 123 CC cream is a yellow toned foundation which works well with my skin tone. It has a slightly runny formula but this means that it blends easily and when you’re in a rush to get to work it’s a definite one to go for. I know they call it a cc cream and it does feel light on the skin but it gives more coverage than your average bb/cc cream would do. I actually really appreciate that as from my previous post about foundations I do want good coverage.

I haven’t been using it for many years or even months but I must say that it has become one of the most loved bases that I have tried. And to be honest I do wear it most of the days that’s how nice it is.

The most palest girls probably should be carefull with it as the lightest shade is not that light but if you do find that the colour suits you then definitely get one for yourselves!

Have you ever tried Bourjois 123 CC Cream? Or would you have any other foundations to recommend? Let me know!

Winter in a Dream

2 thoughts on “Favourite Foundation: Bourjois CC Cream

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