Reading Diversely Tag

I was watching Booksandquills Youtube channel run by lovely Sanne and saw that she did this really interesting tag called ‘Reading Diversely Tag’. You might or might not know that I am a keen reader and since I was little books have been a big part of my life. I enjoy finding interesting books from across the world and I thought that this tag is a very good one for introducing to some books from different places. The ‘Reading Diversely Tag’ really intrigued me and made me think on what have I read that was written by authors who come from different continents. I thought that it would be a great idea for me to do this tag and maybe I will be able to recommend to you some books or authors which you haven’t read yet. I only have half of the books in my personal collection for which I hope you will forgive me. My cat has kindly participated in the photo shoot of the books so excuse the furry bits in the photos.

The book that I have chosen to represent Afrika is The Outsider by Albert Camus (I do spell Afrika with K and not C as that is how I personally know this continent). Alber Camus was born in Algeria and has gone to university there. Though he wrote in French he is actually from Afrika. The Outsider is an amazing book and one of the best existentialist pieces of writing that I have come across. It’s slightly dark and philosophical but a beautiful easy read. The story goes around a man who commits a crime and finds himself as an outsider in the society which he lives in. It might sound that it could be hard to read this book but it is not so if you can definitely pick it up.

I couldn’t remember if I have read anything by an Australian author and no matter how much a tried to remember I just couldn’t. So for Australia I have decided to choose a book which I would like to read and which has been talked about quite a bit recently. This book is The Book Thief by Markus ZusakAs I haven’t read the book yet I can’t go into details about it but if anyone of you have read it then please let me know if it’s good. The book does seem to be in the top of the charts at the moment.

When it comes to Asia I have to mention The Book of Tea by Kakuzo OkakuraIf you love tea and the art of tea then this book is for you. It should be a must read for any tea lovers.

Europe (as any other continent) has a lot of writers to offer but the one I chose to represent it in my tag is Milan Kundera. Milan Kundera is a Check writer and he is (in my humble personal opinion) one of the best contemporary existentialists writers. I recommend to read any of his books as all of the ones I have read are brilliant. They are simple books with big ideas. Books that make you think without making it difficult to follow the plot or the characters. He writes about our lives and the beautiful simplicity of them. If you have never read anything from Milan Kundera then I suggest to pick up The Unbearable Lightness of Being.

South American book that I love is One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia MarquezIt’s a magnificent epic story about a family and their lives. It’s a must read and I can’t tell you how interesting it is. Once you start reading this book you cannot put it down until you finish it.

You might spot a theme of what books I like to read and the one from North America fits them very well, it’s The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest HemingwayIt’s a beautifully written book that will not leave anyone untouched. If you have not read it yet then you really should. You will see why once you read it.

The last continent is Antarctica. Though there are a lot of books out there about the expeditions I have never read any of them as this is not a topic that interests me. It naturally does not have any writers who are solely from there therefore the 7th continent for me does not have a book entry.

I hope you enjoyed this tag and if you would like to done one then I tag you. Do let me know if you have read any of these books or would read them. Also be sure to comment with the link if you have done ‘Reading Diversly Tag’ yourslef. I’m always keen to find new books.

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