Rimmel Exaggerate Shadow Primer

I like to wear eyeshadows especially in the colder time of the year. When it’s cold and grey outside eyeshadows bring colour in my life and brighten things up. As an avid eyeshadow wearer I know that a good primer for your lids makes a big difference how your make up lasts.

I must admit that Rimmel Exaggerate Shadow Primer has been a purchase that was enabled by quite a few UK bloggers/youtubers. After seeing so many good reviews and the item in use in quite a few tutorials I thought to give it a go as well, especially as the price point is super affordable.

But.. I have a but with it and it’s a big one. This Rimmel primer just does nothing at all. I have found that the texture of the primer is really slippery and it feels like putting a silicone cream on your eyes. I don’t have oily eyelids so primers normally work well on me but this one would just never dry down when it’s on. Because of that any shadow on top of it (even the ones that I know last very well) after 5 minutes from the application would start sliding around.

All I can say that I have given it a really good try and have decided to get rid of it as it just did nothing that a shadow primer should do. I’m sorry Rimmel, you guys do have some good products but Exaggerate Primer is not one of them. It exaggerated my creases and made the eyeshadow to gather there rather than staying where it was supposed to be.

My peeps, better save yourselves those few little pounds and spend it somewhere else. Sorry for the rant but I am still living in the memory of the disappointment. Let me know if you guys can suggest any other eyeshadow primer that you think is good.

Winter in a Dream

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