Three New Brushes

Let’s talk about some new brushes that I have acquired in the not so resent past. Yes, I’ve said it right. I have got these brushes some time ago but have not written anything about them up until this day. And here we go:

EcoTools Skin Perfecting Brush – is a brush that is meant to be used more with BB creams. It’s has a slightly slanted angle which is what intrigued me to get it. I find that the angle of the brush does makes it easy to apply foundation or in my case BB creams (used it with what they said it’s best to use it with) around the eye area and nose. However, it does make it a bit harder to buff things in a circular motion. The bristles are synthetic and quite hard so if you have a super sensitive skin I would suggest to stay away from it. I do use this brush especially in summer when I just want to quickly put something on my skin which doesn’t require too much blending.

Zoeva 221 Luxe Soft Crease brush – it’s a very nice crease brush. If you’re like me and can’t think of spending crazy amount of money on Mac brushes then go for this one. The tag “soft” is definitely the right one and it will help you to blend out the eyeshadow in no time.

Sephora 45 Mineral Powder brush – I have purchased this brush when I was in France and I still haven’t used it. It is sooo soft and I intend to apply liquid foundations with it even if they say it’s meant for mineral powder. I like my foundation brushes to be supper soft and this one is a polar opposite to the EcoTools one. For some reason I’ve been keeping it unused and I think that’s just because we can’t get Sephora over here and I’m too afraid to fall in love with it.

Have you guys got any new brushes recently (or not so recently)?

Winter in a Dream

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