The New Years post?

It’s a new year and it seems that it is quite a tradition for a lot of people to write a post reflecting on the year that has passed and to think of what might come ahead.

Long time ago I have decided not to make any resolutions on paper or in my head. Let me tell you one thing – resolutions (especially new year ones) don’t work. Maybe it’s the amount of things that we decide should be different that makes us fall in the path of change or the size of them, never making them possible to happen. New year does not make a new start, anything new should start at any moment when you just start doing something differently.

In my life I have only one mantra – I would like to just be happy. When there is happiness then there is piece. Being happy with yourselves, your surroundings and your achievements is what drives positive actions and events. That is what enables you to achieve great things.

Change does not happen just because a clock has counted a new year and let’s be honest – resolutions are quite often overrated. Let us try to just be happy, live in happiness and you will see how things will turn to become different and come true.

What do you think about new years resolutions? Do you have any? Let me know as I’m interested as always.



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