Almay eyeshadow trio

Almay – why are you not being sold in UK? Why such simple but great brand is not coming to our shores? I wish I could have answers but all I have is a product that I managed to pick up on my recent travel to South Afrika. When I saw Almay stand in a pharmacy over there I knew I had to pick it up. I thought that Almay is only sold in US so you can imagine my speed of ravaging through their stand once I approached it.

I have seen US youtubers using their eyeshadows and as I do like wearing them I decided to buy the eye shadow trio for hazel eyes. The packaging is simple but I like that you can see the product and I always think that for traveling trios are very convenient products. It was the bronze colour mainly that I could not stop looking at. It looks like it could have a tiny bit of red undertones (I still haven’t decided if it does or doesn’t) but it is such a gorgeous bronze colour. The crease colour in this palette is this cool toned purple which I would never think to use with a bronze but it really does work together very well. And of course you get a champagny shimmery highlight colour perfect for eyes inner corners or brow bone. The eyeshadows are creamy and blend out very nicely without any fallout whatsoever. They are so easy to use and now that I have tried them I can’t stop asking myself why I can try more of Almay?

I am so pleased with this little trio and I think that if you are going outside the UK and see the stand or you live in US do pick it up. And if you cycle to work and do your make up there then look no further cause this little product is made for your convenience.



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