Becca Radiance Primer

Let’s put it out there straight away – I have a combination skin and any glowy primer was always a no go zone for me. I never looked at them and was never going to use them. Then one day I was browsing site and spotted a few Becca products with discounted prices. I’m guessing that they were selling them out cause Becca was changing their packaging so anything with an old design was going on sale. I have never tried Becca products therefore naturally I just thought to take the opportunity and get their Radience primer.

When I received my order and tried the primer on my hand first I thought I made a big mistake. All I could think of was why the hell did I get a shimmery primer which probably is meant for people with dry skin. So I just shoved it into my make up drawers and have not touched it for a long time. Then winter came and I felt like my skin looked flat and I just needed something to pick me up. One morning I just used the Radiance primer on my face whilst doing my make up and since that morning I have not gone a day without wearing it. I found that for winter time it’s a perfect primer for me. It makes my skin a little bit glowy but does not make it oily. I know that in summer I will not be able to wear it but for winter it’s just a perfect base to make my skin look more fresh and healthy. (Trust me, I really need it for the early morning work schedule) I’m not sure if it prolongs the wear of make up it probably does a little bit but then in winter make up stays on better anyways (at least on me, I think).

I now know that I have created an obsession for myself and I’m really afraid of the time when I will run out of it cause a full price re-purchase will definitely be needed. I’ve been loving this product so much so that it even went into my 2014 favourites post. I would like to try some more Becca products cause if I go just by the Radiance Primer experience their products must be great.

Have you guys tried Becca Radience Primer? Have you tried any Becca products and if so what would you recommend?



2 thoughts on “Becca Radiance Primer

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