Current Favourite Lip Combination

My last post was about my January Favourites and somehow I totally forgot to add lip items to it. So I thought to myself that maybe a separate post would be welcomed as I truly believe that these two items are meant for each other.

For the past month and a couple of weeks I have been wearing Gosh lip liner in 001 Nougat Crisp and Bourjois Rouge Edition lipstick in 04 Rose Tweed.

Firstly, Gosh lip liners are amazing! If you are a Mac lip liner kinda gal then please do give these a go. Their texture is somewhat better than Macs, they are less drying, easier to apply and not to forget less than half the price. Yes, the colour range is not that big but you can find a few liners that are definitely worth a spot in your make up drawers. One of those colours is Nougat Crisp. It’s a muted brownish pink that really falls under ‘that girls who everyone is talking about but I don’t want to mention the name’ category. It’s just beautiful, I can wear it on it’s own, under any nude lipstick which before was slightly not the right colour for me or with any pink toned lip item, be it a gloss or a lipstick. It just works wonders.

Now secondly, if you have not tried Bourjois Rouge Edition lipsticks then I again urge you to try one of them out. They are not matte so if you are on the matte trend then they might not work for you but if you are like me and like your lipsticks to be moisturising then these are definitely made for you. Rose Tweed is a muted pink lipstick which is just beautiful on it’s own. Please ignore my swatch which makes this lipstick look like it has shimmer as I assure you there is no shimmer involved in it. (I think I had eye shadow swatched before and did not do a good job of removing it properly.) When I got Rose Tweed first I think I was wearing it for many days consecutively without a stop until something else caught my interests.

Putting these two lip products was a great day for me. I just could not believe how they compliment each other. This combo is just great for ‘that trend’ as well as it still keeps it pink enough not to make you look like you’re from the 90s. I am very happy to have found these two and I think I will be seen wearing them for many more days.

What lip combinations have you been loving lately? Have you found your perfect match?



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