Spectrum Brushes review

Back in January I have made a little haul and one of the things that I have acquired then were some brushes from a brand called Spectrum. I am currently on some sort of mad craving for new good brushes so when I got to know that there was a new affordable brand I straight away jumped and made an order online.

Spectrum brushes are super affordable, I mean seriously, they are all sold under £10. It was a surreal feeling when I ordered not one but 6 brushes and did not feel like I’ve spent a fortune. How often does that happen these days?…

The first brush I have picked is a Domed Buffer brush. I’ve been using it for applying and blending out liquid foundations. I think it does a good job, the bristles are synthetic so they are easy to wash but in no way they scratch your skin. The first time I used it I couldn’t believe how soft it was. This is one of these buffer brushes that are not too dence so it does share your foundation a tiny bit and I coun’t it as a benefit – you never want to apply too much product on your face. For the price this brush is great!

The second brush I got is Flawless Finish Tulip Powder brush. I’ve been loving this brush for using it with setting powders. I find that it picks up a good amount of product and the “tulip” shape of it allows me to get under the eyes and nose area so easily. I’m guessing because of it’s shape you could also use it for contouring which I haven’t tried yet. I really like this brush and been reaching a lot for it these days.

I also got myself an Angled Powder brush. Now this brush, unlike the buffer brush is quite well packed with bristles which makes blush application super easy. I find that it doesn’t pick up too much product so I tend to use it with blushes that are very pigmented. The brush allows me to put on enough blush but not too much and it blends everything very easily. As I said, I really like using it with Sleek or Gosh blushes as they are super pigmented, I now reach more for them because this brush just apply these blushes brilliantly on my skin.

The next three brushes that I chose where all eye brushes. I’ve got a Tall Tapered Brush, Dome Contour Brush and a Tulip Eye Contour brush (I think! Can’t be sure now, the brushes don’t say what they are.) I have enjoyed using them as they don’t tug your eye and are totally non scratchy. It’s the worst thing when brushes scratch your eyelids and I’ve got a few that do that. I’ve used them for lots of different eye looks and they have not dissapointed me.

Overall I think these brushes are just beautiful. It’s so fun to own these as finally there are brushes that are not just black and white. I think they really do stand out between all other brushes and the pop of colour is so welcomed on my desk. I don’t wash brushes after one use so these are just great because the bristles are coloured and they don’t look dirty. I’ve washed the brushes a few times now and not once they have shed any bristles so I can say that the quality of them is very good. They are soft, non-scratchy and worth your investment.

I would like to get my hands on their fan brushes and can’t wait to see if one day they introduce more brushes and different colours or designs.

Have you tried Spectrum brushes? Do you know any other affordable brand that you might suggest to me?



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