Two Sleek Products Re-found

If you’re like me and you are always on a hunt for the best new product then most likely you own some products which you haven’t used for a while and probably kind of forgotten about them. This have happened to me with the few Sleek products that I have acquired a long time ago and of course left in my make up drawers to gather dust. In an attempt to use up what I’ve got and not feel like I have wasted my money I have picked up and started using what I’ve got again.

Sleek Contour Kit in Light was brought out into the daylight first. The kit simply consists of a matt bronzer and a matt highlight. The bronzer is perfect for my skin tone, it leaves a beautiful sun kissed look on myself but for lighter skins probably wouldn’t work that well and might be too dark. Now the highlight colour is amazing! I think that when I got this kit first I did not really use the highlight at all and I don’t understand why. Firstly, did I say that it’s matt? It’s perfect if you don’t like to have shimmery cheekbones but it leaves a visible glow making them stand out. I also think that the highlight works well as an inner corner highlight for the eyes. It’s a very natural powder that makes you glow from within. I haven’t seen this contour kit sold on the stands for a while now but I think you can still get hold of this online via Boots or Superdrug.

Another cheek product that I have re-found is the Rose Gold Blush by Sleek as well. Again, in my memory I had this blush written down as glittery but in reality it is not at all. Though in the pan it looks like it has quite a big gold glitter it does not transfer onto the skin that way. I think this blush is quite nice for this time of the year. It gives you a good pop of colour and makes you look like you are definitely ready to forget winter. I think this blush would look good on any skin tones just be sure that if you do have a lighter skin to use it moderately.

I have been using the Contour Kit and the Rose Gold blush nearly every day in the past month. They both are great for travelling because the packaging is small and it’s so practical to have the contour and highlight in one place. I will definitely going to take them with myself the next weekend when I go away for Easter.

Now, are there any other Sleek products that I should dabble with? What do you think of the Contour Kit and the Rose Gold Blush?



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