The Airbrush Primer by Topshop

I struggle to find a good primer that works for me but does not feel disgusting on my skin. I have already told you that for the glow-y option I really like the Becca Radiance Primer and only recently I found a smoothing type of primer that I actually do like.

Topshop Airbrush Primer was bought by me after reading The Sunday Girl blog where she has mentioned it. I have tried primers like the Benefit Porefessional and Maybelline Baby Skin but they just did not work for me. Firstly I felt they actually made my skin get very oily but I also did not like texture of them. I hated touching them and applying them onto my skin. I could not use them, just could not stand wearing or applying them. To my surprise I have none of those feelings with the Topshop Airbrush Primer. It is a silicone based primer but it feels way better than the ones I have tried before. It allows my make up to be applied easier and I do feel like it makes it last longer too. I’m not too sure if it stops any access oils but it definitely makes sure that even if I do get an oily t-zone my make up doesn’t melt away or move around.

Now that the warmer weather is coming, well I hope it will soon be coming, I think this primer will be a good item to have in my make up collection. It also stands out beautifully between all other make up that I own. The packaging is simple but sleek and in a way it looks like a highend product rather than something that can be bought on the highstreet. It is not as cheap as Baby Skin but at £12 it also does not break the bank.

I’m pretty happy to have invested in this primer and have no regrets at all not like my previous buys. This is only the second beauty item that I have tried from Topshop but if you’re thinking to try something then grab the Airbrushed Primer.

If you do have any other primers to suggest to try then let me know!



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