April Favourites 2015

Lets talk about last months favourites as I myself really like reading about what other people have been loving lately. It’s always fun to know about products that do get used and loved because it shows that they must be worth the purchase.

When we hit April and the sun has shown itself for a few days I realised that I needed to up my sunscreen intake. Because I use chemical exfoliators and also have rosacea it is quite important to protect my skin from any possible sun damage. I chose to start using Kiko City Filter Sunscreen as a sunscreen and have been really happy with it. Not only that it is SPF50 but it is also a really great primer in itself. It protects my skin, allows me not to be afraid of venturing out of the house and also works with make up beautifully as it truly primes the skin. The sunscreen is slightly yellow toned so you don’t get any white ghostly residue and that helps with turning down the redness that I have. I am actually considering that I might go and pick up another tube of Kiko City Filter Sunscreen as I don’t know what I would do once the one I have runs out.

In the last month I have been really enjoying doing a winged liner with eyeshadows. I saw Lisa Eldridge do a video where she did a cat flick liner look using just an eyeshadow and I just fell in love. One, it’s super easy to do, two, it’s pretty hard to mess up & tree, if you do make a mistake then it is very easy to make amends. I use MAC Era all over the lid just to give a little bit of colour and definition and then I apply MAC Carbon as the liner. Carbon is a perfect option as it is matt black, blends nicely and can be built up to look opaque as a liner should do. I apply both eyeshadows using one brush which is perfect for the look and for that I use one of the EcoTools brushes that you get in their Eye Enhancing Duo Brush Set. It’s a dual ended brush with one end consisting of a slanted eyeliner brush and the other end is a flat shading brush. Perfect combination. I think I have been wearing eyshadow cat eye look so much more than using a normal liquid liner.

And there you have it. My small April Favourites are done. I hope this month I will use more products and have a bigger favourites next time. What have you been loving in the past month?



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