An Empty Affair – May Empties 2015

It seems that I have been using up a lot of products recently and I really don’t want to keep all the empty packaging on my desk so here I am again writing an empties post. (Though this one is quite full of my all time favourite products)

Body Shop Camomile cleanser – this is my all time favourite cleanser. It is the only oil based cleanser that I have fallen in love with and I already have another bottle purchased. It’s very affordable and is amazing for removing make up. I don’t know why I don’t have a dedicated post to this cleanser. (Note to myself!)

First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser – this cleanser is very good too. I used it as my second cleanse after I took off most of my make up. It is fragrance free and is made for sensitive skin. Though some people might say that this cleanser has nothing special about it I would say that though it is simple it is very good at what it does, it cleanses the skin without drying it out or leaving any residue, it does not sting your skin and has no irritants to affect your skin.

Body Shop Chocolate Body Butter – I have used up a small tub of this chocolate body butter which I got as part of a gift box. I mentioned before that I am not the biggest fan of Body Shop body butters so I’m happy to have used it up.

Sally Hansen Instant-Dry Top Coat – this is the best fast drying top coat I have used. Controversially to a lot of people I prefer this top coat to Seche Vite one. It dries as quickly as Seche Vite does but it doesn’t have as strong chemical smell as the counterpart as well as it does not make my nail polish to peal off. I will be buying another bottle because I can’t see how I can make my manicure without it.

Essie Rock Solid Base Coat – from the picture you can see that I have a little bit left in the bottle but this base coat has got a bit too gloopy for me to use so I have decided to retire it. It was nice but nothing special. I don’t thin I will get this again as I want to try other things.

Olay Essential Complete Care Moisturiser for Combination/Oily skin – this is a simple no fuss moisturiser that has spf 15. I’ve used it up and I’m looking forward to trying something else. Though if you are looking for a light, easily to absorb, non-perfumed  moisturiser then I suggest to give this one a go.

Dove Dry Shampoo – the best dry shampoo ever! This is the only dry shampoo that does not leave any white residue in your hair. It sprays & distributes nicely without ever leaving your hair feeling tacky and the smell is to die for. I will be buying this again and might not look at any other dry shampoo ever again.

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads – one of the best glycolic acid pads. I have used them up and really would like to get this again but the price does stop me a little bit. Maybe if when I see discounts on I will manage to get hold of it again. If you never tried these pads then I urge you to get some as they are really good and could even be used on an every day basis.

Have you tried any of the above products? What where your thoughts? Let’s discuss…



6 thoughts on “An Empty Affair – May Empties 2015

  1. I absolutely love FAB, Dove, and Essie; so I totally understand why you have empites of them. Great post girl!
    I have a giveaway going on, on my blog. So check it out!

    xoxo, Makeup By Micaylah

  2. I love the Sally Hansen Instant Dry top coat. It’s been my go to for years. Recently picked up something different for a change and regret it completely!

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