An amazing surprise

I like to read blogs and if you would look me up on you would be able to see that I follow a lot of blogs. If I find one that I like no matter how ‘big’ or ‘small’ they are I always make sure that I have them on my feed. For me, personally, numbers are not what I look for when I stumble across a blog. If the content is interesting, if I start reading post after post then I know that the blog is great and worth attention.

I don’t remember when exactly I found Julies Dreams blog but I knew straight away that it is a blog that I must follow. Julie has a perfect blog that balances beauty, fashion and lifestyle posts with an amazing European flair. Her blog has beautiful photographs and inspirational collages.

So you might be wondering why am I mentioning Julies Dreams here… This is because to my surprise I have won one of the prizes from Julies giveaway that she was hosting on her blog. I have in the past entered a few other giveaways on different blogs but I never expect to win. I always think that by entering a giveaway you show that as a reader you definitely engage with the blog and it’s content. You should have seen my face when Julie got in touch with me letting me know that I was one of the winners. I was in shock (a pleasant one). I just couldn’t believe that one – I got randomly picked out, two – that Julie did take her time to actually let me know about it. I rarely check my emails and she had to find out by herself that I’m not the best when it comes to writing back. (Sorry!)

After a few days I have totally forgotten that I have won something so when I got back home after work one day the other week I was quite confused about seeing a parcel with my name on it. I was sure I did not place an online order, I don’t shop that often that I wouldn’t know what’s arriving. When I opened it up I straight away knew that this was a beautiful present from Julie and I felt like I won a second time again.

First up, upon opening the parcel I noticed that there was a mesmerising smell. It seems that the little heart shaped Bodyshop soap has a really lovely smell that can’t be missed. I love raspberries so this will be a nice addition to my bathroom essentials. (By the way, there is no where on the packaging that tells me what the smell is so if I got it wrong then I’m sorry but I am definitely getting raspberries.)

The gift also contained some beautiful Kiko products. I have received 4 Kiko eyeshadows: gold 257, very pale brown 214, redish brown 234 and a matte brown 240. I will have to do a close up review some other time but there is one thing I can say and that is – Julie could not have picked any better shades. All 4 of the eyeshadows that she has chosen are perfect for me and I could easily call them ‘my’ type of colours. To keep these eyeshadows together Julie very thoughtfully has also included a 4 piece pallette. Perfection!

Last but not least I found two Eucerin Aquaphor balms included. I have never tried this product before so I look forward to giving it a go. It is a balm for dry/damaged skin and it is made to work even for the most sensitive skin and as I do have sensitive skin I think this might be quite good one for me.

I am over the moon that I have received such amazing gifts and I feel very chuffed that I can write about it here. Thank you Julie for such an amazing surprise!

Please show love and support and go over to Julies Dreams to check her wicked blog. I think you guys will not be disappointed.



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