L’Oreal Infallible Mega Gloss Review

I popped into Boots the other weekend and I saw that L’Oreal have some new lipglosses on their stand. I say new but I am a little bit reluctant to use that word. To me it looks like L’Oreal have re-branded most of their lipglosses and have made them part of their Infallible line. The Infallible line is currently doing very well in the beauty world and though I don’t think that the lipglosses are ‘new’ products I still got sucked into the new packaging and the idea that it’s something that I don’t own. I have chosen to get Infallible Mega Gloss in the colour Amen. I have gravitated towards this colour because it looked like one of those currently very popular brownish options that have been hyped up because of the “she who will not be mentioned”. I picked it up and justified the purchase because I did not have any gloss in my collection that was this kind of colour. Whenever I swatch this gloss to me it looks like it is slightly pink toned brown but when I wear it on my lips it looks like it leans more towards brown. I’m not sure if truly brown suits me and I would like it to be more pink but if I use it in conjunction with a pink lip liner then I can make it work for me. (P.S. please ignore other swatches on my hand, I was playing with many products and was too lazy to remove them off my hand before taking pictures) This lipgloss is one of the L’Oreal matte formulas and I can tell you straight away that it is the same formula as their Glam Matte glosses which they brought out last summer. Amen feels and looks on the lips exactly the same as the Glam Matte products do. The only difference is in packaging and a slightly differently shaped doe foot applicator. This is why I would not call the Infallible lipglosses as new whatsoever. Nevertheless, the formula is really nice. As with the last summer options and this new one they are very comfortable matte products. They do not dry out your lips and they are easy to apply. It’s still weird that it is a gloss but it’s matte. Mind boggling! Isn’t it? If you don’t own any of the previous L’Oreal glosses then I suggest to pick one of them up. Though I don’t think that these are new products at all there are some new colours in the collection that are worth checking out. Have you tried Infallible Mega Glosses? What are your thoughts about them and do you agree that they are not technically new products?



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