May Favourites 2015

I know that we are heading towards the end of June but I only now have time to sit down and write up what I have been loving in May. My May favourites is a small collection of last months products that have been a true stand-outs from my collection. Here is what impressed me:

Seventeen Skin Wow! Highlighter – I had this Seventeen highlighter for a while but only in the last month I started to really use it and I have come to love it. It’s a pearlescent white liquid highlighter and I like to use it on top of cheekbones over my foundation. You need only a tiny bit of it so it will last a long time and it will not break your bank. If you are a person who likes to mix some highlighters with your foundation then this is a great product for that too. My skin is too oily to do that but I would if I needed more glow on my skin.

L’oreal True Match ‘the concealer’ – this is an amazing concealer for your under eye area. It has good coverage but it is still creamy enough to blend out nicely and it does not crease at all. I use colour 2 Vanilla and it is light enough for highlighting whilst covering dark circles too. This is the nicest concealer I have found from the high-street and I will definitely be getting this again once I run out.

Kiko Eye Base Primer – the best affordable eye primer I have found so far. You need only a very tiny bit to cover your eyelids and it keeps your eyeshadows in place for the whole day. If you have never tried this before then I cannot recommend it more highly enough. Give it a try because I think this is as good as some of the high end offerings.

NYX Slide On pencil in 07 Jet Black – this is such a good black pencil. The Slide On pencil feels like a gel type of product so it is soooo easy to apply. You don’t need to use any pressure on your eyes and it does not tug them at all. I’ve been really liking using it for lining my eyes instead of a liquid liner.

TheBalm Betty-Lou Manizer – I believe this is sold as a highlighter but bronzy highlighters don’t look great on my cheekbones, I always need something more light rather than tanned coloured. So I have been using this as an all over bronzer. I’ve been using it for the whole month but I’m not yet sure if I’m fully in love with it. It is quite pigmented and a little bit hard to blend (or maybe I haven’t found the right way yet). If anyone has any suggestions on how to blend this to look a little bit more natural please let me know as I want to keep on using this. Nevertheless, it is a beautiful product.

And here are my May favourites. This post is short but definitely filled with good products. What have you been loving in the past month? Have you tried any of these products?



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