Sun Protection

We had a few sunny days here in UK (finally!). I love sun, hot weather and I really like to have a tan. I don’t do “fake tan” so whenever the sun comes out I want to be shined on by it’s lite so that my skin gets all nice and bronzy.

However, I know that sun can be dameging by not only affecting skin cells that could create skin cancer but it also affects how your skin ages. (Note: I am not a professional so if I say something wrong about skin cancer do not hold it against me). It is quite important for me to tan with protection and these two products this summer are keeping me from UVA/UVB rays.

I’ve been using Hawaiian Tropic Hydration Face Sun Lotion as per it’s name for my facial sun spf. Though this product has a strong smell I do really love the scent, it’s very tropical and summerry. Every time I use this lotion the smell makes me smile and reminds me to enjoy the nice weather. It does apply a little bit white on the face but if you make sure that you blend it in well then you have nothing to worry about.

For the rest of the body I’ve chosen Garnier Ambre Solaire Sensative Advanced Dry Touch Protection Mist (logest name ever!). I really like the form of the spray as it is so easy to use and to carry around. If you never sure when you might need an SPF and would like to have one in your bag just in case then this one is for you. It does not have any smell and is non greasy on the skin. I’ve been using it a lot in the past few weeks and I think this type of Spf is great for people out and about in the city.

What Spfs do you guys like to use?



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