Hair Products for Beachy Waves

The summer has now truly left us but my wish for the beachy locks has not faded away. I am still looking for ways to get that effortless hair style that reminds me of fun careless days. The current items I am using to help me to achieve ‘out of the sea’ looking hair style are:

Beach Blonde Cool Dip Shampoo & Smooth Seas Conditioner. It took me a while to get my hands on these products because for some reason when it came out I thought that the range is dedicated to blonde people. I think the name have mislead me but once I knew that the products can be used by any hair colour I bought them. First and foremost I adore the smell of them, it’s minty and fresh – a total joy to use. It definitely reminds me of summer which is way I might be using these products come winter as well. I find that the shampoo washes away any dirt or product residue well and I m always left with clean, not weight down hair. The conditioner helps to keep the ends of the hair moisturised and does help to detangle a little bit. I do feel that before washing my hair when I need to brush them out I need a little bit more help with detangling so I use Johnson’s Baby Spray Conditioner no more tangles. You an use this on both wet and dry hair (I prefer the latter). It does work well and it is very affordable.

After washing my hair I like to use two products that have sea salt so that they would allow my waves to look more like what you would get if you were at the beach. OGX Moroccan Surf Paste is quite an interesting product and I’m not sure if I worked out the best way to use it. It’s texture is a little bit like an old fashion styling paste but it has sea salt and oils. It is supposed to keep moisture in your hair but help to style more prominent beachy waves. I take a pea sized amount of product into my hands, rub it between the hands to warm it up a bit and then run through the hair and try to scrunch them at the same time. (If any of you have used this product could you let me know how you use it?) I also spray hair with Beach Blonde Sea Waves sea salt spray. Now this one smells not like min but like coconut. Amazing! I do spray quite a bit as I have long hair but you do have to be careful not to overdue it as it could make your hair feel a little bit crispy.

I love all these products and I am very happy with them. I am still on the look on anything else that would help me to get that sexy effortless beach look so if you guys have any suggestions please leave me a comment.



3 thoughts on “Hair Products for Beachy Waves

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