Mini Kiko Haul

The other day I popped into Kiko as I was in town and I left with two items. Kiko is such an affordable make up store and you can always find something to take away with you.

I have been drawn by Kiko’s two new collections and have chosen to get an eye product from each. From the Rebel Romantic collection I chose to get one of the Metallic Shine Eyeshadow in the colour 03 Strong Chocolate. I like eyeshadows that you can easily apply with your fingers and this shadow is just that. The colour leans a little bit towards dark purple rather than straight on brown but that’s what makes it unique and worthy for a place in my collection. Though it is named as a metallic eyeshadow it is not glittery at all. When I wear it sometimes I think that it looks a little matt but just with some shimmer give to make your eyes stand out. For the first wear I am quite impressed.

The second collection that has taken my liking is Midnight Siren. I saw that this collection has a few eye shadow sticks which I like and which Kiko normally do very well therefore I have gravitated towards Moon Shadow Water Infused Eyeshadows like nobodies business. It seems that I had some sort of chocolate craving because the moon shadow I picked up is 02 Mysterious Chocolate. Now this one is kind of really dark gold (at least that’s how it looks to me) and it is quite shimmery. I am reserving this eyeshadow for an evening look. It looks really beautiful but as I have not worn it yet I will report later on more about it. The packaging though feels very luxurious as it’s a little bit weighted so when you hold it in your hands you can easily think that you are holding a high end product.

That’s my mini Kiko haul. As always I am pretty impressed by the products and they are such a bargain. If you can get yourself to Kiko as quickly as you can or jump online and make an order. I am loving their eye products!



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