October Favourites 2015

october 2015 favourites

I have a few definite products that I have reached for in October. I’m pretty sure that I have used them if not every day then definitely every other day.

First up the obvious product that I have recently reviews. Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist is a fairly new product that I am enjoying using. If you want to know what I really think about it then I have linked the post for you. (I will also say “click here“.) Bahama Mama is my current to go to product for bronzing/contouring. It does great job for both and looks very natural on me. Please ignore the dirty packaging, I don’t think there is any way to keep it clean as it is made out of cardboard but hey, I can look past that as the actual product is good.

I like to wear an eyeliner pretty much every day as I want to make my eyes stand out from under glasses. Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner has been doing a great job for creating definition. It’s super affordable, well pigmented and stays on me for the whole day (I am not exaggerating). Again, excuse the packaging, I keep cleaning it up but it seems I keep on getting one of my concealers exploding on me constantly. Talking about eyes I have also been getting some good use from L’Oreal La Palatte Nude Rose. It has a beautiful selection of eyeshadows which lean towards rosy pink shades. I like this palatte for the colours, for the slim packaging and how versatile it is. I’ve been using it quite a bit in the last month and don’t see myself deviating from it any time soon.

These are all great products and I feel like this is what I still will be using in this coming month. What have you guys been loving recently?



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