EcoTools Contour Brush Review

ecotools contour brush

ecotools contour brush

Guys, if you are like me and always struggle to do any sort of face sculpting then you must hear about my now holy grail product that helps you contour with limited effort required. When EcoTools Face & Body Sculpting Brush has entered my beauty life it changed a lot for me.

I’ve talked about EcoTools in previous posts (like this one here, here and here). It’s an American brand that produces cruelty free synthetic brushes with handles made out of bamboo wood. Not only the brushes are consciously made but they are also pretty affordable. The price range here matches Real Techiniques pricing and easily compare on quality as well. I own quite a few EcoTools brushes and they are one of my favourite brands to shop when looking for make up tools.

Due to my love for the brand when I spotted this Face & Body Sculpting Brush (which reminded me of the more expensive counterpart on the market that is Becca The One Perfecting Brush) I straight away had it in my hands and headed to the checkout counter. I got mine in TKMaxx for under a fiver which is pretty much a bargain. Now I have never used Becca Perfecting Brush therefore I cannot compare the two apart from that they look similarly shaped and I thought that it’s as close as I can get without splashing out some serious money.

EcoTools Face & Body Sculpting Brush is fairly dense but soft at the same time giving the flexibility to blend out product to perfection. I only use it with powders but it makes the application of them a different game. I dip only one of the pointed edges into a contour powder (the long line of the brush) and use that edge to apply the product where I need it over the face, under the chin and whatever is left on the neck. Then I turn the brush onto it’s flat surface (the top of the brush) and blend all of the contour product. This way I get bronzer/contour in all the right places as a fine line and then it gets seamlessly blended out so that I never have too much contour/bronzer on the face but I can still see subtle effects of the cheekbones which I naturally don’t have. I’ve seen some people who use two different brushes for application and blending – this brush allows you to only use one item for both options. I’ve also always struggled to apply a thin line of contour powder as I have small face and small amount of cheek bones and using the thin edge makes sure that I get a small line which blended out makes a very natural effect on the face.

Since I got the Sculpting Brush I have not used anything else and as I have had it for a few months now I have realised that I don’t think I will use anything else any time soon. Sure, you could complain that the different shape of the brush means that it does not fit in with the rest of your brushes, especially if you are storing them in some kind of pots and yes, it’s not as thin as the Becca brush looks to be but I think that if you use it in the right way then all of these bits can be forgotten.

Basically, if you want to do some easy natural contour without spending too much money on your tools then I cannot recommend EcoTools Face & Body Sculpting Brush more highly enough. It has changed my bronzing/contouring and I no longer feel like I cannot “fake” cheekbones without looking like I have sadly attempted a drag queen look.

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