November Favourites 2015

november beauty favourites 2015

It is time for another set of favourites and this month of course it is November favourites. So, what have I been loving this month, I hear you ask me. Well…

First and foremost comes my autumn/winter blush. Revlon powder blush in Haute Pink is my to go to blush in colder months. It is a kind of deep bright pink. I have been using this blush every day and have not reached for anything else. It’s a great affordable blush that works great this time of year.

EX1 Invisiwear Foundation is still my everyday foundation choice. You can see that I am nearly half way through the bottle and I just think that it’s a really great product. If you have not tried it yet I really highly recommend to give it a shot.

I am fully into the autumn eye look right now and Charlotte Tillbury’s eye pallet in La Dolce Vita is a perfect combination of eye shadows for that. You can wear it for day time and night time, the shadows are super blendable and just a joy to use.

Stila Smudge Stick eye pencil in Oscar Fish has been a new revelation for me. I have been using this brown eye pencil as my liner and I have been using it instead of a liquid liner. I have been loving how it gives definition to my lashes and eye but is not as harsh as a black liner. I never thought that I would deviate from the full on black liner but I have and I have been really enjoying it. I am very afraid that I could be running out of this so I am in search for other type of dark brown liners.

And that wraps up my November favourites. What have you guys been enjoying in the past month? (if you have Bloglovin and would like to follow me there you can do so here)



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