Cover FX Custom Drops Review


You know the disappointment when US bloggers talk about an interesting product and you can’t get it here in UK? I had that feeling when I have listened about the Cover FX Custom Cover Drops until one day I have ventured into the ‘un-permitted’ land of Space.NK. To my joy I have found out that they now stock Cover FX Custom Cover Drops and I no longer have to just listen about them from the far away land – I can actually try it out for myself.

Cover FX Custom Cover Drops is a highly pigmented liquid wich can be used to mix with anything that you fancy with. It comes with a pipette therefore you can control how much or how little you use. You can mix it with a moisturiser, oil or, as I like it, with another foundation. It’s great for amping up coverage (if you want your BB cream to hide a bit more redness), creating your own version of a tinted moisturiser or for adjusting the colour of your foundation.

The shade I bought is G40. G30 was way too light for me and G40 is my super tanned shade (at this moment of time is a little bit too dark for me on its own). G shades are yellow toned ones in this line. I do have some foundations that are not yellow enough on my sking so I like to use a drop or two to adjust the tone of the foundation. I also have some foundations that are too light for me (I am rubbish at buying the right shade of base products for myself) so I use two drops to bring them to the right shade that suits me. What I do is – I place a bit of the base product of my choise on the back of my hand, drop a few drops on top and then mix it with my finger. Whatever is left on the finger I dot it on my face and start blending all of it out with a brush or a beauty sponge.

I am so impressed with versatility of this product and I can see it going quite a long way as you don’t need to use a lot of it to get the effect that you want. It’s my savour for trying to use up all foundations that have with a little bit of a wrong shade and also allows me to create the right kind of coverage for a specific need on the day.

I do think it is a worthy product to splurge out on. My suggestion to you is to hit Space.NK store and get it matched first because you do need to find the right shade, jumping from G30 to G40 has quite of a difference.

Have you hear about Cover FX Custom Cover Drops before? Have you tried it and if not then would you?



4 thoughts on “Cover FX Custom Drops Review

  1. great review! I’ve heard so many great things about cover fx 😀 and I love space NK – you can find so many unique things there ❤
    Instagram: the_ch1ara

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