Cult Beauty Haul

December is my birthday month and as such I have decided to treat myself to a few items I have been coveting after for quite a while now. I have been browsing Cult Beauty website for a long time but this is the first time that I have placed an order with them.

I saw that they had a set of mini Becca highlighters called Glow On The Go. It’s a duo of Opal highlighters, one in liquid form and one in powder form. I have really wanted to try the liquid version but I don’t want to buy a full sized item in case I would find myself not liking it so this set is perfect to get the feel of the products and invest in bigger sizes if I find I am in love with them.

I saw that Cult Beauty started selling Morphie brushes which are very well priced. I’ve seen US bloggers using them and I was keen to see if they are any good. I chose to try Morphie M441 brush and let me tell you – it’s the softest eye blending brush I own. I have a few blending brushes and not one of them compares to this brush. They all feel a bit scratchy whereas this brush is so gentle on your eye but still manages to blend your eyeshadow perfectly. I know that I will definitely be getting another Morphie M441 when I have a chance.

Another thing that I really wanted to try was Molecule 01 perfume. This perfume is supposed to contain a molecule that works with your body pheromones making you more “attractive” to other people (I’m presuming it’s just making you smell better for others). I did not find that anyone commented or asked me about the perfume when I was wearing it but I do like the scent. It’s definitely an autumn/winter scent for me and it’s great for this time of year. (I chose the refill version of Molecule 01 as it’s much more cheap and makes more sense to buy this bottle).

Cult Beauty also offer to choose two free samples when placing an order with them. I thought it’s such a nice touch but then… One of the samples that I have chosen was Omoravicza Rejuvenating Night Cream but what was sent to me was their eye cream. No where on the dispatch note or any email confirmation they have said that they have changed the samples. I can understand that they might have run out of the sample that I have requested but I would have liked them to get in touch and let me know about this. Otherwise I feel it kind of defeats the purpose of me choosing an exact sample that I want to receive in the first place. The second sample was correct and I got Tata Harper Refreshing Cleanser.

My first experience with Cult Beauty was slightly disappointing. I had to get in touch and ask when my parcel will be sent out and only after my query that it was dispatched. And mixing up samples also did not help. I don’t know, I expected a little bit more from them. I am not saying that I would not order from them again, I think I would definitely need to place an order again to really make up an opinion about the service but their site is beautiful and the choise of products looks great.

Have you guys shopped in Cult Beauty before? What would you choose to get from their site?




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