H&M Makeup Precision Sponge Review

You know when you’re smooching in a shop and you spot something and think to yourself “why not give this a try, can’t hurt me anyways cause it’s not that expensive”, no? Just me? Well, that’s what happened when I was in H&M recently. I was looking at their makeup range which a lot of people have rated as quite good but my curiosity was turned on when I saw their Precision Sponge makeup applicator on the shelve. I have been converted to applying my foundation and concealer with wet makeup sponge and therefore I am quite keen to try and find the best ones that are out there right now.

H&M Precision Sponge costs only £2 so that’s a first bonus. It’s the cheapest makeup up sponge applicator that I have tried so far. You use it the same way as you would do any other Beautyblender type products, rinse it under water, squeeze out any access water and you good to go. I find that the sponge is quite on a harder feel, meaning that it’s not super bouncy which does remind me of Beautyblender quite a bit. I thought that the colour white was a bad choice for this product as it obviously get’s makeup stains upon the first time you use it but when I have washed the sponge it pretty much got rid of most of the stains straight away (unlike the more expensive counter part) and that impressed me. I don’t think it will stay stainless for long but then none of the other sponges did as well.

If you like applying makeup with sponges or you would like to try then I’d say definitely give H&M Precision Sponge a go. I mean, it’s only £2!



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