By Terry Ombre Blackstar Dupe

It is time for me to share the best By Terry Ombre Black Star in Misty Rock dupe that I have found. I introduce you with the dupe that is called Rosie for Autograph Cream Eyeshadow in Movie Star Crush.

The two eyeshadows are from different ends of price points. By Terry costs around £30 whereas Rosie for Autograph one is just £12.50, the price difference is quite big as you can see. They both are housed in a metallic looking stick form casing which makes the eyeshadow retractable. When swatching or using on your eyelids both of them feel and apply exactly the same. Yes, I do not feel any difference in how they apply or blend out. Both are buttery creamy and both are quite long lasting on your lids. Saying that there is a slight difference colour wise and to me it is just a small difference. Rosies cream stick is a little bit more purple based which makes it a bit darker when Misty Rock has less purple undertone and looks a little bit more brown (but there is purple and it is visible in some light).

Because the texture is so similar and the colours are not too different I cannot be more happy to have found a dupe for Misty Rock. I do like it but I do not think that it is worth buying it especially now that there is an alternative which does no cost your whole salary. Stock up on Rosie for Autograph Cream Eyeshadows as they are Ombre Blackstar without unreasonable price tag.



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