Maria Nila Pure Volume Shampoo Review

I have pretty normal hair, it’s not super duper oily where I need to wash it every day and not too dry where I need to slather myself in oil. But one thing that my hair does do is look flat and uninteresting. Therefore I am always keen to try new volumising products (especially if they do not specifically require a blow dry).

I have picked up Maria Nila Volume Shampoo a while ago from Sallys’ and have been using it every time I wash my hair. Maria Nila shampoo range is developed for colour treated hair but anyone can use it. If you try to avoid sls and parabens in your hair care then this one is worth looking into. I think this is the best sls free shampoo I have ever used so far. If it would not state on the bottle that it does not have sls then I would never know because the product lathers very well. It washes out easily and does not leave your hair feeling full of product and oily. Maria Nila also did a great job with the scent of this shampoo, every time I wash my hair I feel like I’m in the salon getting a nice pamper. (I wish!) In regards to noticing any volume difference I cannot say much. It does not have any dramatic difference but at the same time it definitely does not weight the hair so that’s where the volume bit is.

I am starting to run out of this and quite sad that my local Boots or Superdrug does not stock this range. Next time I am in Sallys’ I will be surely picking this up or something else from the range. Big thumbs up for the best sls shampoo in the market.

Have you tried Maria Nila products before? Or would you have any other good volumising shampoos to recommend me?



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