High Street Makeup Setting Sprays Review

I have been watching a lot of makeup gurus for a long time and one thing that has not escaped me is how they all use some sort of makeup setting sprays. I have been coveting to use them myself but the products that they normally use and their price has never been what I could allow myself. Then suddenly around similar time two high street brands have came out with their versions of makeup setting sprays and I was all over them like a bee around a flower.

The firs one I got was Maybelline offering called Super Stay 24 Makeup Locking Setting Spray. It’s a 75ml bottle so it’s slightly on a smaller side and as such I tend to take it with me when I cycle and need to carry all of my makeup to work. The spray bottle works pretty ok and I never feel like my face got drenched too much. I do think it helps to keep the makeup that tad bit longer and it also freshens up the make up not to look too powdery.

The second makeup spray I have got hold of is L’Oreal Infallible Fixing Mist. When it came out I was surprised to find it looking quite different then the one in US. I have never tried US version but I always thought that they would release the same packaging, the same spray bottle as they have in US. L’Oreal fixing mist also works well to finish off makeup and keep a tiny bit of additional longevity.  The bottle is slightly bigger and contains 100ml of product. I think that the spray is tiny bit harsher than the Maybelline one but overall still very nice and distributes just enough product.

Super Stay 24 Setting Spray and Infallible Fixing Mist need to be shaken before the use and both do very similar job. They cost around the same amount with a £1 difference between them. I want to say that maybe the Infallible Fixing Mist would be a better purchase just because it has more product but whichever you choose to go with you will get a good product. Now I am like those makeup gurus always finish my makeup with some spritz of a makeup setting mist.

Have you tried any of these makeup sprays? Or would you have any affordable alternatives to suggest to me?




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