Barry M Coconut Infusion Nail Polish Review

Barry M has come out with a new nail formula which uses coconut water and coconut oil. You probably know all about them by now but I am only mentioning them on my blog now because I wanted to try all of the shades and use the product properly before writing any reviews.

There were two reasons why I have purchased the new Coconut Infusion polishes, one is because I have been wanting to try a more healthy nail polish option and two the colours just drawn me in and I had to have them. The three colours that I chose from the collection are: Flamingo, Laguna, Surfboard. All of these colours are perfect summer colours. One swatch of them is already quite opaque so you don’t need to layer them up too much. The nail polishes do have a smell which is slightly different than a normal nail polish but it does smell so don’t expect a coconut flavour. (I got a bit disappointed *laughs at myself*) I have read quite a few reviews when these came out claiming that Barry M Coconut Infusion polishes stay on your nails without chipping for at least 4 days. Well, let me tell you that unfortunately for me I found them quite the opposite. They chip pretty easily on my nails and by a second day there is definitely visible annoying chipped marks. The blue one Laguna did not last even a day without chipping. I don’t know how everyone else is finding them pretty well lasting but I do not. Despite this I still really like them, I think the colours are so beautiful that I am continuing wearing them.

I have really been enjoying Barry M Coconut Infusion nail polishes. Have you guys tried them? Do they last on you? Am I missing some sort of trick with them?



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