Tony Moly I’m Real Sheet Masks Review

Last week I wrote about trying out one of the Korean inspired beauty skincare items which is an essence. Following the same Korean theme but on a different impression level than the essence I have a quick review of Tonymoly I’m Real Sheet Masks.

I have ordered a set of different masks from Amazon which was around 11 pounds mark for 11 masks. It’s not difficult to determine that each sheet mask comes to a pound which is very good. If you have been looking for sheet masks in stores you will know that the selection is very poor and that they cost quite a bit of money per one sheet mask. As I have never tried Tonymoly masks before I thought that a selection of different ones would be the best as then I would know if I have any favourite ones and ones that I might never need again.

So far I have used up Moisturising, Clear Skin and Vitality masks. (I will be putting on Skin Purifying one today). I must say that the ones I have tried so far have been really nice. If you have never tried a sheet mask then it is really just a piece of sheet which has cut out holes for your eyes, nose and mouth and is soaked in a mask/serum. You pretty much put the sheet on your face (and look ridiculous!) and then take it off when you feel like it. No washing off mask is need. Most of Tonymoly I’m Real masks advise to keep them on for 20 to 30 minutes but I keep them longer if I feel like they are not dry and there is still plenty of product for my skin to drink up. This is actually one of the first things I loved about these sheet masks is that they are soaked with a lot of product, so much that at first when putting on you might feel like it will drip everywhere (it does not) but this is what I think you want. You want your skin to feel and enjoy a mask, not to put something on that disappears without having time to give you any benefits. As I said, I have been keeping them on for 30 minutes or longer if I can. I find that my face at some point becomes very cold and I can’t keep the mask comfortably on any more then it’s when I take it off. I gently rub what’s left on my face and neck and the feeling is so great. The masks I have tried so far have left my skin feeling fresh, feeling the effect that I wonted to get be in moisture or clear skin. My skin just feels happy and nourished.

I really think these are the nicest sheet masks I have tried, oh and not to forget, they are so easy to travel with. If you onto a holiday or you go to visit your family/friends then you can just pop one of those into your pocket and do some face treatments if you fancy. I cannot rate Tonymoly I’m Real masks enough and I am pretty sure once I go through the ones I have I will purchase them again.

Let me know if you would like a follow up post once I tried all the different ones to see which ones I liked more or less of.



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