The Body Shop Aloe Soothing Gel

If you are planning on going to any holidays where the sun actually exists and shines on you then make The Body Shop Aloe Soothing Gel part of the skin care items that you pack with yourself.

I have been traveling now nearly for two months in sunny countries (lucky me!) and this has been such a nice product to have in my arsenal. If your skin gets too sensitive then Aloe gel really helps to calm it down and make sure you have a happy moisturised skin without any redness, after sun caused issues or feeling hot. The bottle comes with a pump so the gel is hygienic to use, therefore really great to travel with. Not to mention that it can be applied onto any part of your body not just your face.

Also, this is great for oily skinned people. I have quite a combination skin and I like to swap my moisturisers on super oily days from creams to gel based products in order to help my skin to calm down. This gel is one of the better ones as it does make your skin feel moisturised without feeling heavy whatsoever. If you have never tried a gel moisturiser then I do recommend to try this, you can mix it in with other moisturisers as well to create your perfect combination.

The Body Shop has so many good gems and I am finding more and more of their products that I use daily. Check out Aloe Soothing Gel next time you are in The Body Shop as I have fallen in love with this more and more.



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