H&M Makeup Precision Sponge in Black

Yes, so I got myself another H&M Makeup Precision Sponge. Quite a while ago I got the white one and have really been enjoying using that so I thought that a black one would be a good addition especially as it would look stained less than anything that is white coloured.

This H&M precision sponge is smaller and less bulky than the white counterpart. It also feels a little bit more stiff even after expanding once soaked with water. After trying to use it for a foundation application I realised that I much prefer this for blending out concealer, highlight and contour much more. Because it is thinner it fits in well into all the crevices and face lines where you need to be more precise.

Again, for the price of few quid you can’t complain about this makeup sponge. H&M you really know your game!



December Makeup Empties

The third post of my empties involves makeup products. Can you believe I have finished all of these?! Technically there are a few disappointing products that I am chucking away but most of them as you can see are properly empty things.

Eyeko Fat Brush Mascara – a mascara that did nothing to my lashes. If you like no makeup makeup maybe this one is for you but even if I have very minimal makeup on I want my lashes to stand out so I want my mascara to work for me. I think I am never going to get another Eyeko mascara as I have always been disappointed with them.

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer – one of my favourite concealers. It’s an amazing product and very affordable. I will for sure get this again.

Eylure Brow Pencil in Dark Brown – I love this eyebrow pencil. It’s hard but not too hard, does not drag on your skin and leaves enough product. It has a spooly on another end so you always have something to brush your brows with. The pencil has lasted quite long so if you want to buy something that you don’t need to re-purchase too quickly then I recommend this brow pencil.

Essence Brow Gel – one of my faves! I will dedicate a post for this product on it’s own. It’s that good!

Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner – A great eyeliner, easy to use and is jet black matte.

Gosh Lip Oil – a very interesting lip moisturiser. I’m not sure how hydrating it really was but I loved the texture of the product and kept using it up just because of that.

Bodyshop Honey Bronze Drops – I really liked using this in summer. Not sure if it did give me much of a bronzed look but then I did use it all up, so maybe it did do what it was saying it would?

L’Oreal Slim Line Eyeliner – I liked this felt tip eyeliner, it was black, stayed well on my eyes and very easy to use.

EX1 Invisiwear Foundation in F100 – this is one of my favourite foundations and I wore it on my wedding day. I already have another tube of this magic in my stash.

L’Oreal Infallible Fixing Mist – a good highstreet makeup fixing mist. Good choice when on a budget which I normally am on.

Vichy Dermablend Translucent Powder – I cannot believe that I have used this up. Has anyone ever used up a big tub of translucent powder? I enjoyed using this and even more happy that I have finished it (only because I want to try other things)

L’Oreal Miss Hippy Mascara – one of my most favourite mascaras. It makes your lashes voluminous and dark. This was my mascara choice for my wedding and I need another tube of this goodness. I need to dedicate a post to this mascara.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer – I have gone through multiple tubs of this. I use it for spot concealing or when the foundation did not cover enough of my rosacea and I need to add some more coverage for some parts of my face.

Becca Eye Brightening Corrector – I was given this by my friend as she found it did not cover her dark circles enough. I had quite high hopes for this product but I did not like it at all. It’s sticky and thick but not in a good way, it does not correct the blue circles and it makes any concealer crease which does not happen to me normally. It’s not worth the money or the effort in my opinion.

L’Oreal Nude Cushion Foundation – I have finished this quite quickly. I think I will write a separate post on this foundation so wait for my full review.

Phew, I don’t think I have ever managed to finish that many makeup products around the same time. I wonder if I bought them all around the same time and if that’s the case then maybe I should cap in my makeup hoarding….. Emmm… Yeah, not going to happen.




H&M Makeup Haul Review

In my last post I have talked about a makeup haul that I did. I have picked up a few bits from H&M to try out. Now that I have used the products I can tell you what I think of them.

I have got 2 H&M nail polishes and so far I have been enjoying wearing them. They don’t last on me super long but they don’t chip super quick either, just an ordinary lasting power. Pearl Bisque is a pearlescent white and I really like it for this time of the year. It’s got that holiday sheen and is not a stark white. Purple Aurora (pictured above) is a duochrome purple with a hint of metallic green.  I’m not sure if the duochrome effect translates once the nail polish is on the nails but I think it is still a nice colour.

I really like creamy liquid like eyeshadows so when I saw H&M Fluid Hues Eye Colour I knew I had to give it a try and I can tell you that it’s love. These are very pigmented & stay on the eyelids for the whole day. You need to work with them fairly fast cause once they set they do set.  You can use your fingers to blend out if you fancy so it makes it a very easy use eyeshadow. The colour I got is Shifting Sands which is a beautiful light bronze.

I have to admit that I have not had time to try the H&M Treasured Eye Gems but I can’t wait to find the perfect occasion to whip these babies out.

Overall I am very impressed with the H&M makeup and I think that they are great purchases. I am now thinking that maybe I should go and get some more items from them. If you have tried anything let me know how stuff worked for you.


H&M Makeup Haul

I did a little H&M makeup haul. I walked into H&M and just could not resist some of their makeup. It’s affordable, looks pretty good and hope that it also works ok on me.

I got two nail polishes, a liquid eyeshadow and some sparkly gems to go on the skin (Christmas funky makeup!)

I’m going to try them all out and report back to you how it all works out.


Travel Friendly Eyeshadow Combo

I don’t know how about you guys but I find myself quite often doing my makeup somewhere else but home. Because of that, I try to take with myself makeup that will not smash, break or spill. I have been really enjoying eyeshadow pencils to take away as they are easy to carry and use.

The two pencils that I reach for quite often for my ‘take-away’ makeup up are Bourjois Colorband Eyeshadow in Rose Fauviste & Collection Eyeshadow Pencil in Hot Chocolate. I use Rose Fauviste all over my lid and then I add Hot Chocolate to my outer corners. No brushes needed, I just use my finger to blend everything out and voila! Super quick, super easy and great when you are on the go.

If you find yourself often staying somewhere else (maybe at your other half home) or like me, you cycle into work and change there then try eyeshadow pencils for your eye makeup. It will save you lots of time, space and energy.


Maybelline Color Drama Lip Pain Review

I like various lip products but my favourite must be hybrids between lipsticks and lipglosses. I like to have an opaque colour on and at the same time I like the product to apply easily, stay on well enough and not dry my lips. Therefore it is not a surprise that when I saw Maybelline Color Drama Lip Paints on the shop shelves I have picked some up.

Maybelline claims that these lip products have an intense colour and they do not lie. These are one of the best pigmented glosses I have ever used. I call them glosses as they are not straight liquid lipstick, as such, they apply easily and they do stain your lips a little bit so when wearing off they do that evenly. Color Drama Lip Paints are super easy to use and to wear. I have two colours Stripped Down which is a very nice nude and Fight Me Fuchsia which does not need explanation. Normally I am not a bright colour wearer and when I was buying these I thought that Fight Me Fuchsia is going to be a waste of my money but I was quite wrong. I love it! I have worn it on a night out, I have worn it to work and I think it’s a bright colour that you can pull off for any occasion. I also keep reaching for Stripped Down whenever I am getting ready for work and have no time to think what lip colour would work, it goes well with any look.

I am very impressed with this new Maybelline release and I know for sure I will be using these up and getting new ones when time comes. Have you tried Color Drama Lip Paints? What do you think?


Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor Review

When Revlon came out with Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor in UK I ran to the shops. I started swatching every single colour and honestly there and then got a bit disappointed. All of the swatches were rubbing off my hand and smearing all over the place. I was unsure if I should bother spending my money on them but for some reason I did purchase one of the HD Matte Lipcolors and I can tell you that I am glad I did that.

The Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor I picked up is in colour Devotion. (Or I think it is because it does not say anywhere on the packaging. I think that the name was on the wrapper which has been frown away the first instance I took it off). It’s a beautiful rosey pink colour which I think is a great as ‘that pop’ for everyday.

I realised that when I was swatching these in the shop I put a lot of product on my hands and that was a mistake. If you apply them in a thin layer and add more as you need you ensure that you don’t have too much which prevents from any smearing. I must say that I have not had an issue with this product moving around so it’s much better on the lips than I thought it would be. It is not a liquid lipstick, I warn you! This is a matt lipgloss so this will not stay put all day but it does stain your lips so even when the product is no longer on your lips you still have some colour very nicely showing up. Because this is a matte product you do get a tiny bit of drying on your lips but nothing as bad as it would be with a liquid lipstick.

Since having Devotion I have noticed that I have been reaching more and more for it. Especially when I’m a bit in a rush it’s so easy to apply and go. It works with most of the makeup looks and stayed on the lips long enough. If you don’t enjoy full on liquid lipsticks then give this a try because this is a great hybrid that I prefer very much.

Have you guys tried any of the Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor glosses? What do you think about them?


An Empty Affair – April Makeup Empties

I have a few makeup items that I am chucking out either because I used them up or I cannot use it any longer. Here’s what is going into the bin:

Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Eye Pencil in Purple – I thought this pencil would be a really nice and interesting alternative to a black eye pencil but it just did not work out for me. No matter how hard I would press it the product would not apply on my waterline or below it. I could not work with it and finally decided to get rid of it. No point on keeping it my makeup stash if I cannot use it. (Note that the white/salmon one works wonders in my waterline so get that one!)

Revlon blush in Haute Pink – I loved this blush as it’s quite a pop of colour and sits on your skin naturally. I’ve been carrying it to work and back when I cycle so I managed to smash it on one of the trips. It’s properly crumbled into pieces and I cannot use it anymore. Despite that it’s a very nice blush and I am sad to have smashed it.

Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder in 52 Vanilla – I have fully used up this powder. I love it, I think it’s very fine milled and therefore sits on the skin naturally. I want to use up some other powders I have but once I do that I will be repurchasing this one again.

L’Oreal Miss Manga Mega Volume Mascara in Black – finished my favourite mascara. Yes, this is the best mascara that you can get on the highstreet. I need to get my hands on a new tub of this asap. You can read more about this mascara here.

4 items went into the bin. What have you guys used up in terms of makeup?


High Street Makeup Setting Sprays Review

I have been watching a lot of makeup gurus for a long time and one thing that has not escaped me is how they all use some sort of makeup setting sprays. I have been coveting to use them myself but the products that they normally use and their price has never been what I could allow myself. Then suddenly around similar time two high street brands have came out with their versions of makeup setting sprays and I was all over them like a bee around a flower.

The firs one I got was Maybelline offering called Super Stay 24 Makeup Locking Setting Spray. It’s a 75ml bottle so it’s slightly on a smaller side and as such I tend to take it with me when I cycle and need to carry all of my makeup to work. The spray bottle works pretty ok and I never feel like my face got drenched too much. I do think it helps to keep the makeup that tad bit longer and it also freshens up the make up not to look too powdery.

The second makeup spray I have got hold of is L’Oreal Infallible Fixing Mist. When it came out I was surprised to find it looking quite different then the one in US. I have never tried US version but I always thought that they would release the same packaging, the same spray bottle as they have in US. L’Oreal fixing mist also works well to finish off makeup and keep a tiny bit of additional longevity.  The bottle is slightly bigger and contains 100ml of product. I think that the spray is tiny bit harsher than the Maybelline one but overall still very nice and distributes just enough product.

Super Stay 24 Setting Spray and Infallible Fixing Mist need to be shaken before the use and both do very similar job. They cost around the same amount with a £1 difference between them. I want to say that maybe the Infallible Fixing Mist would be a better purchase just because it has more product but whichever you choose to go with you will get a good product. Now I am like those makeup gurus always finish my makeup with some spritz of a makeup setting mist.

Have you tried any of these makeup sprays? Or would you have any affordable alternatives to suggest to me?



By Terry Ombre Blackstar Dupe

It is time for me to share the best By Terry Ombre Black Star in Misty Rock dupe that I have found. I introduce you with the dupe that is called Rosie for Autograph Cream Eyeshadow in Movie Star Crush.

The two eyeshadows are from different ends of price points. By Terry costs around £30 whereas Rosie for Autograph one is just £12.50, the price difference is quite big as you can see. They both are housed in a metallic looking stick form casing which makes the eyeshadow retractable. When swatching or using on your eyelids both of them feel and apply exactly the same. Yes, I do not feel any difference in how they apply or blend out. Both are buttery creamy and both are quite long lasting on your lids. Saying that there is a slight difference colour wise and to me it is just a small difference. Rosies cream stick is a little bit more purple based which makes it a bit darker when Misty Rock has less purple undertone and looks a little bit more brown (but there is purple and it is visible in some light).

Because the texture is so similar and the colours are not too different I cannot be more happy to have found a dupe for Misty Rock. I do like it but I do not think that it is worth buying it especially now that there is an alternative which does no cost your whole salary. Stock up on Rosie for Autograph Cream Eyeshadows as they are Ombre Blackstar without unreasonable price tag.