Sheet Masks Haul in Thailand

I will start with a question, where do you go shopping in Thailand? I am currently staying in the south of Thailand, Phuket, and I am struggling to find good destinations to look for makeup and skincare. Even with this struggle I did manage to snap up some Korean sheet masks that I found in a random pharmacy shop but if anyone knows where to go please hook me up!

I love Korean sheet masks and I found these to be much cheaper here in Thailand than you can get them in UK so it was a total no-brainer to buy them. What do I look for in a sheet masks? They need to moisturising, soothing, preferably without whitening claims if possible and just to be able to help with general skin appearance.

There is not much to say about them apart from that I have been enjoying them. And because they are much more affordable I can actually use them more often which is what one should be doing. I would like to get hold of some more sheet masks and find some makeup which I am yet to discover. Seriously, where do you go? Help!



Avene Cleanance Cleansing Gel Review

I like my face washes to be formulated for sensitive skin. I like anything that does not feel heavy and does not strip out your skin. Sometimes it is hard to fit that all in into a budget friendly product. I must say that Avene does deliver something that ticks all the boxes, their Cleanance cleansing gel is a great product.

You can use Avene cleansing gel to wash your face morning and evening. I use it as my second cleanse in the evenings after I have taken off all my makeup. You get a good amount of product, it has no scent which I like because you really know this is not going to irritate your skin in any way. Also, if you have oily skin this would also be really good for your as there is no soap or any kind of oils to clog your skin.

Cleanance gel is a great little thing to have in your bathroom. If you have tried any Avene products before then you know you will be getting an effective product without any nasty side effects.


TooCoolForSchool Pumpkin sleeping pack review

My love for Korean products must be known by now. They are well into their skincare and I am more than keen to try their products. A new brand that I have found is called TooCoolForSchool. Even if they would not be a Korean brand I would have bought something from them just because of their name. I mean common! TooCoolForSchool!!! Yes!

I use this mask at nights and apply a pea sized amount all over my face. The pumpkin mask comes out white and has more of a gel like texture than a cream texture. You don’t need a massive amount to spread it over your face so you know you are saving quite a bit of money as you will not use it up that quickly. The sleeping mask has a very slight scent but it’s just about there and goes away in less than a minute. It applies on smoothly and I think that it sinks in into the skin much faster than the Origins Drink Up mask and also it is less sticky than the Origins one.

The mask contains hyaluronic acid to moisturise your skin & pumpkin enzyme to remove any dead skin cells and make your skin glow as new.

I have found myself using this more and more often. I think I have started applying it instead of a night time moisturiser every other night. I cannot get enough of it! I think it is worth getting this mask. If you are an oily/combination or dry skin person I think this would work for you.




NIP+FAB Glycolic Fix Extreme Night Pads Review

It has been a while since my little Superdrug haul so I feel I can now comfortably write a review of NIP+FAB Glycolic Fix Night Pads Extreme as I had some time to be properly using them.

These glycolic pads are meant for exfoliating your skin. As someone who has sensitive skin the word “extreme” was quite off putting for me and I was quite afraid that the toner which the pads are soaked in will be too harsh on my skin. I can now tell you that this is not the case and I have not had any sensitivity issues whatsoever. The pads have a slight grapefruit scent which I actually really like and every time I use them I always think how nice the smell is. I feel like these NIP+FAB pads work quite well in exfoliating the skin, they are easy to use as they are already pre-soaked and they do not dry out in the tub. I use them two or three times a week to keep any dead skin away and it works like a treat.

If you are looking for an exfoliating toner and you love easy to use things then get the Glycolic Fix Night Pads Extreme. I don’t think you can go wrong and the price range is quite good. (Look out when they are on a discount!)


Tony Moly I’m Real Sheet Masks Review

Last week I wrote about trying out one of the Korean inspired beauty skincare items which is an essence. Following the same Korean theme but on a different impression level than the essence I have a quick review of Tonymoly I’m Real Sheet Masks.

I have ordered a set of different masks from Amazon which was around 11 pounds mark for 11 masks. It’s not difficult to determine that each sheet mask comes to a pound which is very good. If you have been looking for sheet masks in stores you will know that the selection is very poor and that they cost quite a bit of money per one sheet mask. As I have never tried Tonymoly masks before I thought that a selection of different ones would be the best as then I would know if I have any favourite ones and ones that I might never need again.

So far I have used up Moisturising, Clear Skin and Vitality masks. (I will be putting on Skin Purifying one today). I must say that the ones I have tried so far have been really nice. If you have never tried a sheet mask then it is really just a piece of sheet which has cut out holes for your eyes, nose and mouth and is soaked in a mask/serum. You pretty much put the sheet on your face (and look ridiculous!) and then take it off when you feel like it. No washing off mask is need. Most of Tonymoly I’m Real masks advise to keep them on for 20 to 30 minutes but I keep them longer if I feel like they are not dry and there is still plenty of product for my skin to drink up. This is actually one of the first things I loved about these sheet masks is that they are soaked with a lot of product, so much that at first when putting on you might feel like it will drip everywhere (it does not) but this is what I think you want. You want your skin to feel and enjoy a mask, not to put something on that disappears without having time to give you any benefits. As I said, I have been keeping them on for 30 minutes or longer if I can. I find that my face at some point becomes very cold and I can’t keep the mask comfortably on any more then it’s when I take it off. I gently rub what’s left on my face and neck and the feeling is so great. The masks I have tried so far have left my skin feeling fresh, feeling the effect that I wonted to get be in moisture or clear skin. My skin just feels happy and nourished.

I really think these are the nicest sheet masks I have tried, oh and not to forget, they are so easy to travel with. If you onto a holiday or you go to visit your family/friends then you can just pop one of those into your pocket and do some face treatments if you fancy. I cannot rate Tonymoly I’m Real masks enough and I am pretty sure once I go through the ones I have I will purchase them again.

Let me know if you would like a follow up post once I tried all the different ones to see which ones I liked more or less of.


B. Essence Lotion Review

In my last Superdrug haul I have mentioned that I have picked up a Korean inspired product – an Essence Lotion from the brand B.

Now that I have used it for quite a few weeks I can give you my impression upon it. The product looks like I have not used it at all though I have been applying it nearly every day. Because you only need 3 to 4 drops on your palms you end up using very little of it. If you are on a budget that’s a good thing because the product will last you for a long while. As I said, you put the drops into your palms rather than a cotton pad and then tap it onto your face & neck area. I must say that I still don’t know what the benefit of it is. Ok, let me correct myself, I do know what it is supposed to do because I can use search engines, other blogs & read but I don’t feel like it’s doing anything which would make me question myself how I did my skincare without it. B. Essence Lotion option is very well priced so I don’t feel like I have waisted my money at all, I still think that if anyone would like to try an essence then this is the one to go for because it is really affordable.

Honestly, I was well up trying an essence because I know that Korean skincare inspired products are one of the best out there but I really not sure if this is really needed. Maybe I need to use it for even longer time than I have to have any benefit. Or maybe this is the best example of a product that you do not need and it is made purely by companies to profit from you.

What do you guys think? Have you tried an essence? Where do you stand in all of it?


Small Superdrug Haul

My favourite pastime is to pop around to shops that sell makeup/skincare and just browse. I always say that I don’t need anything, I’m just having a look but I somehow always manage most of the times to leave with something in my hands. Do you do that too?

I saw that NIP + FAB had been reduced in pricing so I picked up Glycolic Fix Night Pad Extreme as I saw Caroline Hirons mentioning them a few times. If she uses them then it must be good. I quite prefer to use soaked pads as they are just easier to grab and use.

I have a keen interest with Korean skincare and I thought that it would be interesting to try an essence. I saw that B. brand had one called B. Refreshed Essence Lotion which was very affordable so I picked that up.

I have also picked up a B. Moisture Gel because gel moisturisers in an affordable price are still a bit rare. I actually ran out of my previous gel moisturiser so when I saw this I thought that it would be a nice new product to try.

3 new skincare products that I have hauled from Superdrug on one of my “I’ll just going to have a look” days.

What have you guys hauled recently?



Vitamin C+ Face Wash Review

I am more than half way through my current face wash and I have realised that I have not yet written about it in the blog. I have been using Una Brennans Super Facialist range and the face wash of choice is the Vitamin C+ Brighten Gentle Daily Micro Polish Wash ( what the name! Phew!)

I have used Una Brennans products before, mainly masks, so when I was looking for an inexpensive face wash I thought that it will not hurt if I try her face wash this time.

Super Facialist Vitamin C+ face wash comes in the same tube style as her masks. I like the design as you can squeeze out as much product as you need and you have all of the control. I even like the orange colour of the bottle as it nicely stands out on my shelves. The actual wash is also yellow and quite bright which I love. Imagine coming home after a long day at work when it’s still cold outside and pouring some sunshine into your hands. Vitamin C+ face wash does have a slight citrusy smell but it’s not too strong and the longer you use it the less of the fragrance you will get (that’s good in my books as I don’t tend to like any scents in my face skincare). I use this Unna Brennans wash as my second cleanse in the evenings and have been quite enjoying it as it’s such an easy product to use. It does have very tiny micro granules which are meant for exfoliating skin and I must say that in my books the face wash would be improved by not having them there. The granules are not super abrasive but as someone who has sensitive skin I just know that they are pretty much unnecessary and unwanted. I cannot comment how much brightness does it provide with the vitamin c inclusion as the product stays in your skin for such a short period of time before washing off. But it is a wash that does not strip your skin dry and never leaves your skin dirty or quenching for hydration.

Overall Super Facialist Vitamin C+ Daily Micro Polish Wash is a very good cleanser and I would no doubt by it again, especially if they get rid of the granules from the wash.

Have you tried any Unna Brennans products? If yes, what have you tried and what do you think of the products?


La Roche-Posay Rosaliac UV Legere Review

la roche-posay rosaliac review

Please meet my new morning moisturiser the Rosaliac UV Legere from La Roche-Posay (what a name!)

Rosaliac UV Legere is a moisturiser designed for people who suffer from facial redness and sensitive skin. There are two formulations of this cream and Legere is supposed to be the lighter consistency of the two. It’s still a little bit heavier than what I normally use for mornings but as we are now in the time of colder weather it will be perfect. The cream comes out looking slightly green but it in no way translates on the skin, it does not act as a green concealer and blends into the skin as a normal moisturiser would. There are no treatments for people who suffer from rosacea but using products such as Rosaliac UV Legere should help your skin to soothe it and attempt to control the way skin behaves. Sunscreen is also included into this moisturisers so if you are like me and forget to apply sunscreen on a day to day basis then this should have you covered at least on winter time.

I am pleased to call it a very good simple moisturiser and simple should in no way mean not that great. I use simple to mean that it does not contain any unnecessary ingredients that would clog your skin or cause any unwanted reactions. I hope that with the longer use it will help to control my rosacea and help with evening out the redness and making it less apparent. You can’t go wrong with La Roche-Posay products and this one is a true gem for red, sensitive, irritated skin.

Do you guys have any other good moisturiser to offer? If you have Bloglovin then you can follow me on there too.


Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist Review

pixi by petra make up fixing mist review

So far I have only tried two makeup mists which in the blogging world is very little. Makeup mists are quite expensive in my personal opinion and I was never sure if they are actually worth it or are they just another product to make money from. Therefore I have decided to try for the third time and invest into a makeup spray that I have not tried yet.

Pixi by Petra Makeup Fixing Mist was my new choice and now that I have used it for quite a few days I feel like I can give you my review of it.

Let’s start with that is not super cheap and it is still quite an expensive choice for a make up item. However, it is a little bit more affordable than some other ones on the market. At £16 it is definitely a product that you have to think about before buying it. My decision was based on the need to find something that helps to prolong the stay of my makeup. I have a combination skin which likes to melt down makeup like nobodies business. I have tried MAC Fix Plus (which is a pound more expensive) and instead of buying it again I wanted to try something that does claim to help prolong the wear of makeup.

I was quite sceptical but as I started using Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist I found that my skin would get oily less quickly as it would without it. When my skin would get oily I found that the make up would not disappear but still would be there and I could just blot and powder the oily bits leaving me still with coverage that I need. Now that’s a big deal for me! The fixing mist also makes the whole make up look come together. Spraying it all over your face after makeup application it makes your face look less powdery and more natural. And if you need another point – it just makes you feel nice and refreshed.

When I was buying Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist I was a little bit afraid that it will be strongly rose scented as it contains rose water. Now I am not a fan of rose scent and in general I avoid products that are heavily perfumed. I was very glad to find out that the mist does not smell of anything at all and I am very grateful for that. I’d rather spray some perfume on myself afterwords than use a perfumed make spray. The actual spray dispenser is a little bit harsh so I suggest to spray as much away from the face as possible. I actually don’t press the button all the way down but pulsate to get little droplets around my face. It would be nice if the mist would come out finer but I am just being picky.

I can conclude my review of Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist with a huge thumbs up. The mist definitely helps to prolong the wear of makeup and keeps everything fresh looking. I am quite impressed and foresee myself buying more bottles of this once I run out.

What make up mists do you guys suggest?