I am Winter In a Dream and I love Elephants! I have been travelling around and I have an increasing amount of photos with the beautiful earth giants.





Best affordable candles

I love candles and I try to have some hygge in my life but most of the time I do not like the price tag attached. I am a firm believer that candles are quite overpriced items and I cringe when I hear how much other people are prepared to spend money on them. Surely I should be able to feel cosy and content without the need to spend too much money?

Anyways, I was so happy to find really nice candles for an amazing price. B&M candles will let you make your autumn nights so much nicer and comfier. They cost around £3, they are well sized, beautiful and they do smell lovely.

B&M is going to be my one stop shop for candles for a while.


Tidying again

Last year I wrote a post about clearing out stuff and trying to downsize on things. (here) Having less stuff is currently quite a hard work especially as I tend to unknowingly accumulate things over and over again. As such I keep on trying to stop myself, look through all that I have and make sure to get rid of things that I know I just do not use, do not need and will not miss. Once that is determined I through them away or donate them. I did another makeup clean out today and feel so much better for it. Now I just need to try and not clutter myself again.


Favourite 2015 Blog Posts

Looking back I cannot believe that I have posted pretty consistently throughout last year. I thought that I would lose interest and energy to keep it up but I have found joy and pleasure in creating a little space for myself. I hope I can keep it up in this new year too but today I would like to mention a few posts that are my personal favourites from last year.

EX1 Invisiwear Foundation Review

The Airbrush Primer by Topshop

Cat Wednesday #20

L’Oreal Infallible Mega Gloss Review

Which blog posts did you enjoy reading from the past year?


Instagram Memories

Going through some of my memories that I have captured on my instagram.

Enjoying downtime. Wearing one of @regalrose rings. #regalrose

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The last hello #sunrise #mountains #climbing #nature #nofilter #kalandraka

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#london #sunnyday

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Yup, that's how my kitty sleeps like

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