December Makeup Empties

The third post of my empties involves makeup products. Can you believe I have finished all of these?! Technically there are a few disappointing products that I am chucking away but most of them as you can see are properly empty things.

Eyeko Fat Brush Mascara – a mascara that did nothing to my lashes. If you like no makeup makeup maybe this one is for you but even if I have very minimal makeup on I want my lashes to stand out so I want my mascara to work for me. I think I am never going to get another Eyeko mascara as I have always been disappointed with them.

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer – one of my favourite concealers. It’s an amazing product and very affordable. I will for sure get this again.

Eylure Brow Pencil in Dark Brown – I love this eyebrow pencil. It’s hard but not too hard, does not drag on your skin and leaves enough product. It has a spooly on another end so you always have something to brush your brows with. The pencil has lasted quite long so if you want to buy something that you don’t need to re-purchase too quickly then I recommend this brow pencil.

Essence Brow Gel – one of my faves! I will dedicate a post for this product on it’s own. It’s that good!

Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner – A great eyeliner, easy to use and is jet black matte.

Gosh Lip Oil – a very interesting lip moisturiser. I’m not sure how hydrating it really was but I loved the texture of the product and kept using it up just because of that.

Bodyshop Honey Bronze Drops – I really liked using this in summer. Not sure if it did give me much of a bronzed look but then I did use it all up, so maybe it did do what it was saying it would?

L’Oreal Slim Line Eyeliner – I liked this felt tip eyeliner, it was black, stayed well on my eyes and very easy to use.

EX1 Invisiwear Foundation in F100 – this is one of my favourite foundations and I wore it on my wedding day. I already have another tube of this magic in my stash.

L’Oreal Infallible Fixing Mist – a good highstreet makeup fixing mist. Good choice when on a budget which I normally am on.

Vichy Dermablend Translucent Powder – I cannot believe that I have used this up. Has anyone ever used up a big tub of translucent powder? I enjoyed using this and even more happy that I have finished it (only because I want to try other things)

L’Oreal Miss Hippy Mascara – one of my most favourite mascaras. It makes your lashes voluminous and dark. This was my mascara choice for my wedding and I need another tube of this goodness. I need to dedicate a post to this mascara.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer – I have gone through multiple tubs of this. I use it for spot concealing or when the foundation did not cover enough of my rosacea and I need to add some more coverage for some parts of my face.

Becca Eye Brightening Corrector – I was given this by my friend as she found it did not cover her dark circles enough. I had quite high hopes for this product but I did not like it at all. It’s sticky and thick but not in a good way, it does not correct the blue circles and it makes any concealer crease which does not happen to me normally. It’s not worth the money or the effort in my opinion.

L’Oreal Nude Cushion Foundation – I have finished this quite quickly. I think I will write a separate post on this foundation so wait for my full review.

Phew, I don’t think I have ever managed to finish that many makeup products around the same time. I wonder if I bought them all around the same time and if that’s the case then maybe I should cap in my makeup hoarding….. Emmm… Yeah, not going to happen.





Cult Beauty Haul

December is my birthday month and as such I have decided to treat myself to a few items I have been coveting after for quite a while now. I have been browsing Cult Beauty website for a long time but this is the first time that I have placed an order with them.

I saw that they had a set of mini Becca highlighters called Glow On The Go. It’s a duo of Opal highlighters, one in liquid form and one in powder form. I have really wanted to try the liquid version but I don’t want to buy a full sized item in case I would find myself not liking it so this set is perfect to get the feel of the products and invest in bigger sizes if I find I am in love with them.

I saw that Cult Beauty started selling Morphie brushes which are very well priced. I’ve seen US bloggers using them and I was keen to see if they are any good. I chose to try Morphie M441 brush and let me tell you – it’s the softest eye blending brush I own. I have a few blending brushes and not one of them compares to this brush. They all feel a bit scratchy whereas this brush is so gentle on your eye but still manages to blend your eyeshadow perfectly. I know that I will definitely be getting another Morphie M441 when I have a chance.

Another thing that I really wanted to try was Molecule 01 perfume. This perfume is supposed to contain a molecule that works with your body pheromones making you more “attractive” to other people (I’m presuming it’s just making you smell better for others). I did not find that anyone commented or asked me about the perfume when I was wearing it but I do like the scent. It’s definitely an autumn/winter scent for me and it’s great for this time of year. (I chose the refill version of Molecule 01 as it’s much more cheap and makes more sense to buy this bottle).

Cult Beauty also offer to choose two free samples when placing an order with them. I thought it’s such a nice touch but then… One of the samples that I have chosen was Omoravicza Rejuvenating Night Cream but what was sent to me was their eye cream. No where on the dispatch note or any email confirmation they have said that they have changed the samples. I can understand that they might have run out of the sample that I have requested but I would have liked them to get in touch and let me know about this. Otherwise I feel it kind of defeats the purpose of me choosing an exact sample that I want to receive in the first place. The second sample was correct and I got Tata Harper Refreshing Cleanser.

My first experience with Cult Beauty was slightly disappointing. I had to get in touch and ask when my parcel will be sent out and only after my query that it was dispatched. And mixing up samples also did not help. I don’t know, I expected a little bit more from them. I am not saying that I would not order from them again, I think I would definitely need to place an order again to really make up an opinion about the service but their site is beautiful and the choise of products looks great.

Have you guys shopped in Cult Beauty before? What would you choose to get from their site?



EcoTools Contour Brush Review

ecotools contour brush

ecotools contour brush

Guys, if you are like me and always struggle to do any sort of face sculpting then you must hear about my now holy grail product that helps you contour with limited effort required. When EcoTools Face & Body Sculpting Brush has entered my beauty life it changed a lot for me.

I’ve talked about EcoTools in previous posts (like this one here, here and here). It’s an American brand that produces cruelty free synthetic brushes with handles made out of bamboo wood. Not only the brushes are consciously made but they are also pretty affordable. The price range here matches Real Techiniques pricing and easily compare on quality as well. I own quite a few EcoTools brushes and they are one of my favourite brands to shop when looking for make up tools.

Due to my love for the brand when I spotted this Face & Body Sculpting Brush (which reminded me of the more expensive counterpart on the market that is Becca The One Perfecting Brush) I straight away had it in my hands and headed to the checkout counter. I got mine in TKMaxx for under a fiver which is pretty much a bargain. Now I have never used Becca Perfecting Brush therefore I cannot compare the two apart from that they look similarly shaped and I thought that it’s as close as I can get without splashing out some serious money.

EcoTools Face & Body Sculpting Brush is fairly dense but soft at the same time giving the flexibility to blend out product to perfection. I only use it with powders but it makes the application of them a different game. I dip only one of the pointed edges into a contour powder (the long line of the brush) and use that edge to apply the product where I need it over the face, under the chin and whatever is left on the neck. Then I turn the brush onto it’s flat surface (the top of the brush) and blend all of the contour product. This way I get bronzer/contour in all the right places as a fine line and then it gets seamlessly blended out so that I never have too much contour/bronzer on the face but I can still see subtle effects of the cheekbones which I naturally don’t have. I’ve seen some people who use two different brushes for application and blending – this brush allows you to only use one item for both options. I’ve also always struggled to apply a thin line of contour powder as I have small face and small amount of cheek bones and using the thin edge makes sure that I get a small line which blended out makes a very natural effect on the face.

Since I got the Sculpting Brush I have not used anything else and as I have had it for a few months now I have realised that I don’t think I will use anything else any time soon. Sure, you could complain that the different shape of the brush means that it does not fit in with the rest of your brushes, especially if you are storing them in some kind of pots and yes, it’s not as thin as the Becca brush looks to be but I think that if you use it in the right way then all of these bits can be forgotten.

Basically, if you want to do some easy natural contour without spending too much money on your tools then I cannot recommend EcoTools Face & Body Sculpting Brush more highly enough. It has changed my bronzing/contouring and I no longer feel like I cannot “fake” cheekbones without looking like I have sadly attempted a drag queen look.

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January Favourites 2015

January has come and gone… Good riddance – I will say! My body and mind is shouting ‘bring on the sunshine be done with cold!’. With this passed month I present you items that have been mostly used, mostly enjoyed and that have impressed me, well quite mostly. So let’s go:

No7 Stay Perfect Foundation – I’ve got the colour ‘Warm Ivory’ and it’s a perfect match to my skin colour at the moment. When I bought this foundation in summer I just did not get along with it. I felt like it melted away super quickly and I ended up regretting buying it. But not any more… This is a perfect foundation for me to be used in winter time when I need something a little bit more dewy. It’s super light in texture and very comfortable on the skin, if I powder it straight away after application it stays on for most of the day and just makes me look healthy. I have fallen for this foundation and I am so glad that I have found my winter option. When we will hit warmer weather I won’t be able to wear this but will definitely get back to it when it will get cooler again (and of course continue using it for now).

Vichy Dermablend Loose Powder – This is the powder that I have been using to set No7 Stay Perfect Foundation and all I can say that it is lovely. You can’t put too much of it and you can’t really detect it on your face. A good winner in my books.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush – I have re-discovered this brush in my collection and have really been enjoying using it with lighter, more liquid-y foundations. It’s a great all rounder brush.

Becca Radiance Primer – I wrote a post about Becca Radiance Primer a few weeks ago so you if you want to find what I thought about and why it’s in my favourites then you can go and see this post here.

Kiko Eye Base Primer – This is a great budget eye primer and I have been using it every single time I have applied any eye shadow. I have even included this primer in my 2014 Favourites as I have never seen such a good primer that comes from an affordable make up brand.

Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner – The colour that I’ve got is called ‘Oscar Fish’ which is a really quaint lovely name, don’t you think?. I have found that this is a great product to smudge out under your lower lash line and because it’s not black you can wear it any time of the day without looking too harsh.

Bourjois Colorband Liner & Eyeshadow – I have been really enjoying using this newly released item in the colour ‘Rose Fauviste’. It’s a really nice shade of pink and because it’s in a pencil form it is super easy to apply onto your eyelids. I think I will have a full on post about these Colorband sticks soon so watch this space.

Here you go, these were my January Favourites. What have you been loving in the past month? What has carried you through the gloomy month of Jan?


Becca Radiance Primer

Let’s put it out there straight away – I have a combination skin and any glowy primer was always a no go zone for me. I never looked at them and was never going to use them. Then one day I was browsing site and spotted a few Becca products with discounted prices. I’m guessing that they were selling them out cause Becca was changing their packaging so anything with an old design was going on sale. I have never tried Becca products therefore naturally I just thought to take the opportunity and get their Radience primer.

When I received my order and tried the primer on my hand first I thought I made a big mistake. All I could think of was why the hell did I get a shimmery primer which probably is meant for people with dry skin. So I just shoved it into my make up drawers and have not touched it for a long time. Then winter came and I felt like my skin looked flat and I just needed something to pick me up. One morning I just used the Radiance primer on my face whilst doing my make up and since that morning I have not gone a day without wearing it. I found that for winter time it’s a perfect primer for me. It makes my skin a little bit glowy but does not make it oily. I know that in summer I will not be able to wear it but for winter it’s just a perfect base to make my skin look more fresh and healthy. (Trust me, I really need it for the early morning work schedule) I’m not sure if it prolongs the wear of make up it probably does a little bit but then in winter make up stays on better anyways (at least on me, I think).

I now know that I have created an obsession for myself and I’m really afraid of the time when I will run out of it cause a full price re-purchase will definitely be needed. I’ve been loving this product so much so that it even went into my 2014 favourites post. I would like to try some more Becca products cause if I go just by the Radiance Primer experience their products must be great.

Have you guys tried Becca Radience Primer? Have you tried any Becca products and if so what would you recommend?