H&M Makeup Haul Review

In my last post I have talked about a makeup haul that I did. I have picked up a few bits from H&M to try out. Now that I have used the products I can tell you what I think of them.

I have got 2 H&M nail polishes and so far I have been enjoying wearing them. They don’t last on me super long but they don’t chip super quick either, just an ordinary lasting power. Pearl Bisque is a pearlescent white and I really like it for this time of the year. It’s got that holiday sheen and is not a stark white. Purple Aurora (pictured above) is a duochrome purple with a hint of metallic green.  I’m not sure if the duochrome effect translates once the nail polish is on the nails but I think it is still a nice colour.

I really like creamy liquid like eyeshadows so when I saw H&M Fluid Hues Eye Colour I knew I had to give it a try and I can tell you that it’s love. These are very pigmented & stay on the eyelids for the whole day. You need to work with them fairly fast cause once they set they do set.  You can use your fingers to blend out if you fancy so it makes it a very easy use eyeshadow. The colour I got is Shifting Sands which is a beautiful light bronze.

I have to admit that I have not had time to try the H&M Treasured Eye Gems but I can’t wait to find the perfect occasion to whip these babies out.

Overall I am very impressed with the H&M makeup and I think that they are great purchases. I am now thinking that maybe I should go and get some more items from them. If you have tried anything let me know how stuff worked for you.



H&M Makeup Haul

I did a little H&M makeup haul. I walked into H&M and just could not resist some of their makeup. It’s affordable, looks pretty good and hope that it also works ok on me.

I got two nail polishes, a liquid eyeshadow and some sparkly gems to go on the skin (Christmas funky makeup!)

I’m going to try them all out and report back to you how it all works out.


Travel Friendly Eyeshadow Combo

I don’t know how about you guys but I find myself quite often doing my makeup somewhere else but home. Because of that, I try to take with myself makeup that will not smash, break or spill. I have been really enjoying eyeshadow pencils to take away as they are easy to carry and use.

The two pencils that I reach for quite often for my ‘take-away’ makeup up are Bourjois Colorband Eyeshadow in Rose Fauviste & Collection Eyeshadow Pencil in Hot Chocolate. I use Rose Fauviste all over my lid and then I add Hot Chocolate to my outer corners. No brushes needed, I just use my finger to blend everything out and voila! Super quick, super easy and great when you are on the go.

If you find yourself often staying somewhere else (maybe at your other half home) or like me, you cycle into work and change there then try eyeshadow pencils for your eye makeup. It will save you lots of time, space and energy.


Tidying up my makeup stash

I am a makeup junky and a hoarder as I like to use up everything I got. I try this as otherwise it feels like a waste of money getting rid of something that was not used. I like to try new things but with that comes a lot of stuff that just do not work for me. I normally try to keep things and give them a try as much as I can but sometimes you have to admit to yourself that it is time to stop and give up.

I am trying to declutter my makeup stash (as you might have noticed from some previous posts). One I do not want to use things that have expired but I also need to be honest with myself that if I have not used something for a long time it is time for it to go.

First up is Kiko Extra Sculpt Volume Mascara. I have heard Kathleen Lights rave about this mascara but I found it blah! I did not like the brush on the wand it was too big and cumbersome for me to use. It did not make my lashes look amazing so I have moved on to things that I like more. Another Kiko product that I am chucking away that was bearly used is their Universal Fit foundation. I have an oily combination skin and this foundation disappears from my face in a few hours. I need a long lasting coverage so this will never work for me.

Max Factor  Face Finity Foundation is going away from my stash because the shade is not right for me. It has pinky undertone and does not suit me at all. I do not reach for it and it just takes up space. I will not use it up and sadly I have to get rid of it.

I have had this Effaclar Duo + serum for a really long time. Bought it because everyone was raving about it but then I do not suffer from acne anymore so I do not use it. I have had it for too long to keep it so off it goes too.

The last item I am throwing away is by Collection and it is their Eyeshadow Pencil. This one always crumbles on my and does not apply or blend in a nice way. I do not reach for it and I do not like using it. (Saying that I do have another two shades and those are staying).

How often do you guys declutter your makeup? Do you feel bad when you have to get rid of stuff as I do? (I always do but have to keep telling myself that this is a must).


Rosie for Autograph Cream Eyeshadow Almond Eyes

Since my last Rosie for Autograph makeup review post (here) I did not wait too long to pick up another cream eyeshadow stick. This time I chose a light golden champagne colour called Almond Eyes. It’s perfect for inner corner highlighting or as an overall eye wash for everyday look. I love it!

I don’t know how about you guys but I now need to get the other two cream eyeshadows from the Rosie for Autograph range. I also would love to own one of the blushes and a lipstick. I don’t think I will be content until I have them in my collection. My poor bank account… *cry*


Rosie for Autograph Cream Eyeshadow Review

Since I have watched Liza Eldridge video with Rosie Huntignton-Whiteley (this one) I wanted to see the new makeup range that M&S where bringing out with Rosie. I popped into my local M&S store the other weekend to just snoop around the makeup isles, as you do, and to actually see what items Rosie’s line for Autograph contained. I did not expect to like anything at all and for sure I did not expect to leave the shop with a new item in my bag.

Firstly, my local M&S beauty section is not the nicest one. I find that it’s not always very well stocked and it’s quite messy so most of the times I just don’t usually shop there. When I saw where Rosie for Autograph products were kept and how they were displayed my first instinct was to turn around and walk away because it just looked quite messy, over all everything looked like a bunch of items that are overpriced for what they actually are. A lot of the stuff was also not in stock which always is a bit of a shame. I am fairly glad I did not go by my first feeling and stayed to touch and swatch the products.

The packaging for this line is really beautiful. I think that the choice of rose gold is on point with current trends and do make the products look luxurious. The black with rose gold accents on the outer packaging makes you think that something exciting lurks inside and when you come to take out the items from the inside it’s as if you get to retrieve pieces of gold. The products look really nice and anyone would gladly have them on display on their vanities. The price point is towards higher end and I would say they are just only a tiny bit cheaper than MAC but by no means I would call it an affordable line. If a lipstick costs £14 then to me this is a luxury item.

As I said, I just wanted to get the feel of the products and was not going to buy anything but once I swatched Rosie for Autograph Cream Eyeshadow sticks I did not need even a second to know that I was not going to leave the place without one of those babies in my hands. I think there are 4 shades in the line and the one I choose to purchase was the shade Movie Star Crush. I would have said that it was a hard choice between the four especially as I normally go for the bronzy shades but once I swatched it I knew it’s love at first site. Movie Star Crush is a shimmery purple colour with definite brown undertones. It glides super smoothly on the eyes and blends like a dream. The staying power is really good. I have swatched it at few occasions and each time when I washed my hands the swatches were still very promintent. I had to really scrub to get them off my hands. Honestly, Movie Star Crush feels like a full on high end product and I can tell you that I will be writing a comparison post to another high end product because it is so similar to *** (wait for another post).

I am currently obsessed with Rosie for Autograph Cream Eyeshadow and have been wearing it every single day for the past week since I have bought it. I am petrified that if this is a limited edition product then I might need to quickly buy some back ups as I don’t know how I would be without it now. For the price of £12.50 it’s an amazing product and I urge you to run, no, sprint to your local M&S beauty departments and get your hands on it, especially the shade Movie Star Crush.

Stop reading this post and run!


January Favourites 2016

I am glad that January is at it’s end. I think January it’s my least favourite month of the year and it’s purely because it still is winter and no where near sprint. (Oh, I probably should clarify that my blog name means that I wish winters would only happen in dreams and not in real life.) With the end of month also comes my monthly favourites.

I have not used Maybelline Colour Tattoo Eyeshadow in On and On Bronze for quite a while. Until one day of this month when I applied it to my eyes and have done it quite a few times afterwords as well. I forgot how beautiful the colour is and it’s such a fuss free application. It’s an eyeshadow perfection in my mind and as you can see from the photo it has been well loved. I think I am half way through the eyeshadow and I do not have any one that has come as close to being used up as this one. On and On Bronze is a staple in my collection and I have re-kindled my love for it in January.

Maybelline Colour Tattoo Eyeshadow does not need any primer as it stays on me for the whole day without budging. But for any other eyeshadows I have been using Sigma Eyeshadow Base in Persuade. The base is very creamy therefore it is easy to blend, meaning that you do not end up tugging your eyes too much which we all know we should try avoid doing. I have never tried MAC painterly pots but with Sigma product I do not feel ant need at all. It has not dried out and it’s going strong. Persuade is a light natural beige colour that helps to neutralise any redness on the eyes and I highly recommend getting it.

Another eye product that I have been enjoying using in January is the NYX Slide On, Glide On pencil in Brown Perfection. The colour name definitely stands true. It is a perfect brown colour to use for lining your eyes. I have been using this pencil on a daily basis as I think brown sometimes looks less harsh in daytime than straight black. The pencil really does apply easily and the formula is great. I foresee that NYX Slide On, Glide On pencil in Brown Perfection will be my forever repurchase item.

For the base I have finally started using Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation in 3 Fair and have not stopped using it since first application. The colour 3 Fair is a little bit too pale for me but I still can use it and get away as long as I use bronzer to warm up the face. I bought this foundation not fully convinced that I would like it, I was advised to use it with a brush but I think that it works best when applied with a wet sponge. It’s a bit too powdery and matte looking if you do not use a wet beauty sponge. It lasts well on my so anyone who has combination skin with oily t-zone would like it. I will think I will be using this until I get a tan (if I ever see sun).

So as you might guess my last favourite this month for applying the said Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation is a beauty sponge. I would not say that I have a preference for a specific brand but I would like to mention a type of product that I have found I now cannot apply my makeup without. When using any foundation that is more satin or matte it is best to apply with a wet beauty sponge which makes foundation look natural and also blended very well. I currently use Beuaty Blender and Real Techniques Complexion Sponge on a rotation and I like both of them. (I am starting to develop a stronger preference to one of them so watch this space for future posts on beauty sponge smackdowns).

What have you guys been loving in January? Do you like January or are you like me and prefer that it ends sooner than later?


November Favourites 2015

november beauty favourites 2015

It is time for another set of favourites and this month of course it is November favourites. So, what have I been loving this month, I hear you ask me. Well…

First and foremost comes my autumn/winter blush. Revlon powder blush in Haute Pink is my to go to blush in colder months. It is a kind of deep bright pink. I have been using this blush every day and have not reached for anything else. It’s a great affordable blush that works great this time of year.

EX1 Invisiwear Foundation is still my everyday foundation choice. You can see that I am nearly half way through the bottle and I just think that it’s a really great product. If you have not tried it yet I really highly recommend to give it a shot.

I am fully into the autumn eye look right now and Charlotte Tillbury’s eye pallet in La Dolce Vita is a perfect combination of eye shadows for that. You can wear it for day time and night time, the shadows are super blendable and just a joy to use.

Stila Smudge Stick eye pencil in Oscar Fish has been a new revelation for me. I have been using this brown eye pencil as my liner and I have been using it instead of a liquid liner. I have been loving how it gives definition to my lashes and eye but is not as harsh as a black liner. I never thought that I would deviate from the full on black liner but I have and I have been really enjoying it. I am very afraid that I could be running out of this so I am in search for other type of dark brown liners.

And that wraps up my November favourites. What have you guys been enjoying in the past month? (if you have Bloglovin and would like to follow me there you can do so here)


Mini Kiko Haul

The other day I popped into Kiko as I was in town and I left with two items. Kiko is such an affordable make up store and you can always find something to take away with you.

I have been drawn by Kiko’s two new collections and have chosen to get an eye product from each. From the Rebel Romantic collection I chose to get one of the Metallic Shine Eyeshadow in the colour 03 Strong Chocolate. I like eyeshadows that you can easily apply with your fingers and this shadow is just that. The colour leans a little bit towards dark purple rather than straight on brown but that’s what makes it unique and worthy for a place in my collection. Though it is named as a metallic eyeshadow it is not glittery at all. When I wear it sometimes I think that it looks a little matt but just with some shimmer give to make your eyes stand out. For the first wear I am quite impressed.

The second collection that has taken my liking is Midnight Siren. I saw that this collection has a few eye shadow sticks which I like and which Kiko normally do very well therefore I have gravitated towards Moon Shadow Water Infused Eyeshadows like nobodies business. It seems that I had some sort of chocolate craving because the moon shadow I picked up is 02 Mysterious Chocolate. Now this one is kind of really dark gold (at least that’s how it looks to me) and it is quite shimmery. I am reserving this eyeshadow for an evening look. It looks really beautiful but as I have not worn it yet I will report later on more about it. The packaging though feels very luxurious as it’s a little bit weighted so when you hold it in your hands you can easily think that you are holding a high end product.

That’s my mini Kiko haul. As always I am pretty impressed by the products and they are such a bargain. If you can get yourself to Kiko as quickly as you can or jump online and make an order. I am loving their eye products!


An amazing surprise

I like to read blogs and if you would look me up on bloglovin.com you would be able to see that I follow a lot of blogs. If I find one that I like no matter how ‘big’ or ‘small’ they are I always make sure that I have them on my feed. For me, personally, numbers are not what I look for when I stumble across a blog. If the content is interesting, if I start reading post after post then I know that the blog is great and worth attention.

I don’t remember when exactly I found Julies Dreams blog but I knew straight away that it is a blog that I must follow. Julie has a perfect blog that balances beauty, fashion and lifestyle posts with an amazing European flair. Her blog has beautiful photographs and inspirational collages.

So you might be wondering why am I mentioning Julies Dreams here… This is because to my surprise I have won one of the prizes from Julies giveaway that she was hosting on her blog. I have in the past entered a few other giveaways on different blogs but I never expect to win. I always think that by entering a giveaway you show that as a reader you definitely engage with the blog and it’s content. You should have seen my face when Julie got in touch with me letting me know that I was one of the winners. I was in shock (a pleasant one). I just couldn’t believe that one – I got randomly picked out, two – that Julie did take her time to actually let me know about it. I rarely check my emails and she had to find out by herself that I’m not the best when it comes to writing back. (Sorry!)

After a few days I have totally forgotten that I have won something so when I got back home after work one day the other week I was quite confused about seeing a parcel with my name on it. I was sure I did not place an online order, I don’t shop that often that I wouldn’t know what’s arriving. When I opened it up I straight away knew that this was a beautiful present from Julie and I felt like I won a second time again.

First up, upon opening the parcel I noticed that there was a mesmerising smell. It seems that the little heart shaped Bodyshop soap has a really lovely smell that can’t be missed. I love raspberries so this will be a nice addition to my bathroom essentials. (By the way, there is no where on the packaging that tells me what the smell is so if I got it wrong then I’m sorry but I am definitely getting raspberries.)

The gift also contained some beautiful Kiko products. I have received 4 Kiko eyeshadows: gold 257, very pale brown 214, redish brown 234 and a matte brown 240. I will have to do a close up review some other time but there is one thing I can say and that is – Julie could not have picked any better shades. All 4 of the eyeshadows that she has chosen are perfect for me and I could easily call them ‘my’ type of colours. To keep these eyeshadows together Julie very thoughtfully has also included a 4 piece pallette. Perfection!

Last but not least I found two Eucerin Aquaphor balms included. I have never tried this product before so I look forward to giving it a go. It is a balm for dry/damaged skin and it is made to work even for the most sensitive skin and as I do have sensitive skin I think this might be quite good one for me.

I am over the moon that I have received such amazing gifts and I feel very chuffed that I can write about it here. Thank you Julie for such an amazing surprise!

Please show love and support and go over to Julies Dreams to check her wicked blog. I think you guys will not be disappointed.