December Makeup Empties

The third post of my empties involves makeup products. Can you believe I have finished all of these?! Technically there are a few disappointing products that I am chucking away but most of them as you can see are properly empty things.

Eyeko Fat Brush Mascara – a mascara that did nothing to my lashes. If you like no makeup makeup maybe this one is for you but even if I have very minimal makeup on I want my lashes to stand out so I want my mascara to work for me. I think I am never going to get another Eyeko mascara as I have always been disappointed with them.

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer – one of my favourite concealers. It’s an amazing product and very affordable. I will for sure get this again.

Eylure Brow Pencil in Dark Brown – I love this eyebrow pencil. It’s hard but not too hard, does not drag on your skin and leaves enough product. It has a spooly on another end so you always have something to brush your brows with. The pencil has lasted quite long so if you want to buy something that you don’t need to re-purchase too quickly then I recommend this brow pencil.

Essence Brow Gel – one of my faves! I will dedicate a post for this product on it’s own. It’s that good!

Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner – A great eyeliner, easy to use and is jet black matte.

Gosh Lip Oil – a very interesting lip moisturiser. I’m not sure how hydrating it really was but I loved the texture of the product and kept using it up just because of that.

Bodyshop Honey Bronze Drops – I really liked using this in summer. Not sure if it did give me much of a bronzed look but then I did use it all up, so maybe it did do what it was saying it would?

L’Oreal Slim Line Eyeliner – I liked this felt tip eyeliner, it was black, stayed well on my eyes and very easy to use.

EX1 Invisiwear Foundation in F100 – this is one of my favourite foundations and I wore it on my wedding day. I already have another tube of this magic in my stash.

L’Oreal Infallible Fixing Mist – a good highstreet makeup fixing mist. Good choice when on a budget which I normally am on.

Vichy Dermablend Translucent Powder – I cannot believe that I have used this up. Has anyone ever used up a big tub of translucent powder? I enjoyed using this and even more happy that I have finished it (only because I want to try other things)

L’Oreal Miss Hippy Mascara – one of my most favourite mascaras. It makes your lashes voluminous and dark. This was my mascara choice for my wedding and I need another tube of this goodness. I need to dedicate a post to this mascara.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer – I have gone through multiple tubs of this. I use it for spot concealing or when the foundation did not cover enough of my rosacea and I need to add some more coverage for some parts of my face.

Becca Eye Brightening Corrector – I was given this by my friend as she found it did not cover her dark circles enough. I had quite high hopes for this product but I did not like it at all. It’s sticky and thick but not in a good way, it does not correct the blue circles and it makes any concealer crease which does not happen to me normally. It’s not worth the money or the effort in my opinion.

L’Oreal Nude Cushion Foundation – I have finished this quite quickly. I think I will write a separate post on this foundation so wait for my full review.

Phew, I don’t think I have ever managed to finish that many makeup products around the same time. I wonder if I bought them all around the same time and if that’s the case then maybe I should cap in my makeup hoarding….. Emmm… Yeah, not going to happen.





Tidying up my makeup stash

I am a makeup junky and a hoarder as I like to use up everything I got. I try this as otherwise it feels like a waste of money getting rid of something that was not used. I like to try new things but with that comes a lot of stuff that just do not work for me. I normally try to keep things and give them a try as much as I can but sometimes you have to admit to yourself that it is time to stop and give up.

I am trying to declutter my makeup stash (as you might have noticed from some previous posts). One I do not want to use things that have expired but I also need to be honest with myself that if I have not used something for a long time it is time for it to go.

First up is Kiko Extra Sculpt Volume Mascara. I have heard Kathleen Lights rave about this mascara but I found it blah! I did not like the brush on the wand it was too big and cumbersome for me to use. It did not make my lashes look amazing so I have moved on to things that I like more. Another Kiko product that I am chucking away that was bearly used is their Universal Fit foundation. I have an oily combination skin and this foundation disappears from my face in a few hours. I need a long lasting coverage so this will never work for me.

Max Factor  Face Finity Foundation is going away from my stash because the shade is not right for me. It has pinky undertone and does not suit me at all. I do not reach for it and it just takes up space. I will not use it up and sadly I have to get rid of it.

I have had this Effaclar Duo + serum for a really long time. Bought it because everyone was raving about it but then I do not suffer from acne anymore so I do not use it. I have had it for too long to keep it so off it goes too.

The last item I am throwing away is by Collection and it is their Eyeshadow Pencil. This one always crumbles on my and does not apply or blend in a nice way. I do not reach for it and I do not like using it. (Saying that I do have another two shades and those are staying).

How often do you guys declutter your makeup? Do you feel bad when you have to get rid of stuff as I do? (I always do but have to keep telling myself that this is a must).


January Favourites 2016

I am glad that January is at it’s end. I think January it’s my least favourite month of the year and it’s purely because it still is winter and no where near sprint. (Oh, I probably should clarify that my blog name means that I wish winters would only happen in dreams and not in real life.) With the end of month also comes my monthly favourites.

I have not used Maybelline Colour Tattoo Eyeshadow in On and On Bronze for quite a while. Until one day of this month when I applied it to my eyes and have done it quite a few times afterwords as well. I forgot how beautiful the colour is and it’s such a fuss free application. It’s an eyeshadow perfection in my mind and as you can see from the photo it has been well loved. I think I am half way through the eyeshadow and I do not have any one that has come as close to being used up as this one. On and On Bronze is a staple in my collection and I have re-kindled my love for it in January.

Maybelline Colour Tattoo Eyeshadow does not need any primer as it stays on me for the whole day without budging. But for any other eyeshadows I have been using Sigma Eyeshadow Base in Persuade. The base is very creamy therefore it is easy to blend, meaning that you do not end up tugging your eyes too much which we all know we should try avoid doing. I have never tried MAC painterly pots but with Sigma product I do not feel ant need at all. It has not dried out and it’s going strong. Persuade is a light natural beige colour that helps to neutralise any redness on the eyes and I highly recommend getting it.

Another eye product that I have been enjoying using in January is the NYX Slide On, Glide On pencil in Brown Perfection. The colour name definitely stands true. It is a perfect brown colour to use for lining your eyes. I have been using this pencil on a daily basis as I think brown sometimes looks less harsh in daytime than straight black. The pencil really does apply easily and the formula is great. I foresee that NYX Slide On, Glide On pencil in Brown Perfection will be my forever repurchase item.

For the base I have finally started using Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation in 3 Fair and have not stopped using it since first application. The colour 3 Fair is a little bit too pale for me but I still can use it and get away as long as I use bronzer to warm up the face. I bought this foundation not fully convinced that I would like it, I was advised to use it with a brush but I think that it works best when applied with a wet sponge. It’s a bit too powdery and matte looking if you do not use a wet beauty sponge. It lasts well on my so anyone who has combination skin with oily t-zone would like it. I will think I will be using this until I get a tan (if I ever see sun).

So as you might guess my last favourite this month for applying the said Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation is a beauty sponge. I would not say that I have a preference for a specific brand but I would like to mention a type of product that I have found I now cannot apply my makeup without. When using any foundation that is more satin or matte it is best to apply with a wet beauty sponge which makes foundation look natural and also blended very well. I currently use Beuaty Blender and Real Techniques Complexion Sponge on a rotation and I like both of them. (I am starting to develop a stronger preference to one of them so watch this space for future posts on beauty sponge smackdowns).

What have you guys been loving in January? Do you like January or are you like me and prefer that it ends sooner than later?


Cover FX Custom Drops Review


You know the disappointment when US bloggers talk about an interesting product and you can’t get it here in UK? I had that feeling when I have listened about the Cover FX Custom Cover Drops until one day I have ventured into the ‘un-permitted’ land of Space.NK. To my joy I have found out that they now stock Cover FX Custom Cover Drops and I no longer have to just listen about them from the far away land – I can actually try it out for myself.

Cover FX Custom Cover Drops is a highly pigmented liquid wich can be used to mix with anything that you fancy with. It comes with a pipette therefore you can control how much or how little you use. You can mix it with a moisturiser, oil or, as I like it, with another foundation. It’s great for amping up coverage (if you want your BB cream to hide a bit more redness), creating your own version of a tinted moisturiser or for adjusting the colour of your foundation.

The shade I bought is G40. G30 was way too light for me and G40 is my super tanned shade (at this moment of time is a little bit too dark for me on its own). G shades are yellow toned ones in this line. I do have some foundations that are not yellow enough on my sking so I like to use a drop or two to adjust the tone of the foundation. I also have some foundations that are too light for me (I am rubbish at buying the right shade of base products for myself) so I use two drops to bring them to the right shade that suits me. What I do is – I place a bit of the base product of my choise on the back of my hand, drop a few drops on top and then mix it with my finger. Whatever is left on the finger I dot it on my face and start blending all of it out with a brush or a beauty sponge.

I am so impressed with versatility of this product and I can see it going quite a long way as you don’t need to use a lot of it to get the effect that you want. It’s my savour for trying to use up all foundations that have with a little bit of a wrong shade and also allows me to create the right kind of coverage for a specific need on the day.

I do think it is a worthy product to splurge out on. My suggestion to you is to hit Space.NK store and get it matched first because you do need to find the right shade, jumping from G30 to G40 has quite of a difference.

Have you hear about Cover FX Custom Cover Drops before? Have you tried it and if not then would you?


November Favourites 2015

november beauty favourites 2015

It is time for another set of favourites and this month of course it is November favourites. So, what have I been loving this month, I hear you ask me. Well…

First and foremost comes my autumn/winter blush. Revlon powder blush in Haute Pink is my to go to blush in colder months. It is a kind of deep bright pink. I have been using this blush every day and have not reached for anything else. It’s a great affordable blush that works great this time of year.

EX1 Invisiwear Foundation is still my everyday foundation choice. You can see that I am nearly half way through the bottle and I just think that it’s a really great product. If you have not tried it yet I really highly recommend to give it a shot.

I am fully into the autumn eye look right now and Charlotte Tillbury’s eye pallet in La Dolce Vita is a perfect combination of eye shadows for that. You can wear it for day time and night time, the shadows are super blendable and just a joy to use.

Stila Smudge Stick eye pencil in Oscar Fish has been a new revelation for me. I have been using this brown eye pencil as my liner and I have been using it instead of a liquid liner. I have been loving how it gives definition to my lashes and eye but is not as harsh as a black liner. I never thought that I would deviate from the full on black liner but I have and I have been really enjoying it. I am very afraid that I could be running out of this so I am in search for other type of dark brown liners.

And that wraps up my November favourites. What have you guys been enjoying in the past month? (if you have Bloglovin and would like to follow me there you can do so here)


September Favourites 2015

It’s quite easy for me to pick out my September Favourites as I wore the same products nearly every day and I am not yet bored of them.

Topshop The Airbrush Primer – has been my to go to primer this month. If you want to know a little bit more about it you can read a a little more extensive post here.

EX1 Invisiwear Foundation – is one of my current favourite foundations and I have been wearing it non stop the whole month. I have written a review not so long ago on this foundation so instead of repeating myself you can get a better idea about it here.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Eyeshadow Kohl Liner in Nude – has been dawning my eyes to make me look more awake. As it is now getting darker in the morning it’s so much harder for me to wake up so I need everything that helps me not to look like I have not slept for ages.

No7 Precision Lips Pencil in Nude – a lovely lip liner that feels very nicely on the lips. It’s worth a purchase when you get one of those boots No7 vouchers. It’s one of the better Nude lip liners that I have found and it is nice that it does not break the bank.

MAC Lipstick in Creme Cup – one of the two MAC lipsticks that I own. I have to wear a lip liner when using this lipstick as otherwise it is a bit too light for me and just does not look right. But paired up with something like the No7 liner it works as a really nice nude combo. I got this lipstick in this haul.

What have you guys been loving in September? Are you starting to gradually switch towards more autumn colours in your beauty regime?


EX1 Invisiwear Foundation Review

I have heard online about a foundation that was made for people with olive skin tones and I knew that I would really like to try it. I do find that sometimes it is not easy to find a foundation that is yellow toned enough but suitable of the “olive” skin. So EX1 Invisiwear foundation was cought in my radar.

I was a little bit weary of purchasing a foundation online when I have never tried it before but after watching a few reviews I kind of had an idea of what shade to go for. EX1 Invisiwear foundation was placed in my basket pretty quickly when I those reviews that I’ve heard were pretty decent. My order came from which by the way has processed my order pretty quickly. The shade I went for is the lightest one in the range – F100. I am very relieved that the shade suits me and I did not waste my money (I have purchased foundations that don’t suit me in the past). Though the shade is the palest out of the range it is not that light. If you have very light skin tone it will be too dark for you. I am currently a little bit tanned so the foundation is perfect and I can see that in winter time it might be a little bit too dark even for me.

I love the packaging of this foundation as the rose gold stands out in my make up stash and the bottle has a pump that dispenses enough product for the whole face. I need only one pump to conver everything. EX1 Invisiwear applies really smothly on the skin and it has this sort of dewy finish that is not too “wet”. I have a combination skin so when people say dewy I normally run away, but trust me that with this one it means that the foundation just looks like your skin. The staying power is good and with a primer underneigh it lasts all day on me. Amazing for a produc that I could call dewy (or should I better use the word healthy?)!

EX1 Invisiwear does not have any smell that I can detect so it is good for sensative skin. I haven’t experienced any breakouts with it or that it would aggreviate my rosecea. It’s a very good foundation and not too expensive as it costs £12.50. I think this foundation can stand as an equel one to foundations that are around £30 mark.

I would love to see EX1 making a few lighter shades in the future but I also fell like it might be a foundation that I will be re-purchasing. It is such a nice product as it feels great on the skin, looks like skin and the tone melts with my skin tone. If you are not afraid of purchasing a foundation online then I cannot recomend it enough.


Favourite Foundation: Bourjois CC Cream

Please welcome one of my most favourite foundations. This is one of two foundations that I love, trust and reach for mostly.

Bourjois 123 CC Cream has come into my life six months ago. The first time I bought it I actually got it in a colour which was way too dark for my skin. (I do struggle with matching myself to foundations. Quite a bit actually…) But a few months ago I have decided to get the CC cream again in what I think is the lightest shade 32. And oh my I was happy! Bourjois 123 CC cream is a yellow toned foundation which works well with my skin tone. It has a slightly runny formula but this means that it blends easily and when you’re in a rush to get to work it’s a definite one to go for. I know they call it a cc cream and it does feel light on the skin but it gives more coverage than your average bb/cc cream would do. I actually really appreciate that as from my previous post about foundations I do want good coverage.

I haven’t been using it for many years or even months but I must say that it has become one of the most loved bases that I have tried. And to be honest I do wear it most of the days that’s how nice it is.

The most palest girls probably should be carefull with it as the lightest shade is not that light but if you do find that the colour suits you then definitely get one for yourselves!

Have you ever tried Bourjois 123 CC Cream? Or would you have any other foundations to recommend? Let me know!

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